Citas whos

If you could make "sister albums" into a singular album, what would be the tracklist?

2020.10.18 01:36 radiofan15 If you could make "sister albums" into a singular album, what would be the tracklist?

The idea is simple: some albums are meant to be considered together as part of a whole due to a myriad of reasons; it might be that they were recorded on the same sessions or way too close from each other, is an intentional thematic or stylistic continuation, or simply are different volumes of the same era.
Here are some of my own examples:
Ariana Grande - sweetener + thank u, next
The album is sequenced in a way reminiscent of what Nicki did with Roman Reloaded, with the more "experimental" Pharrell cuts in the middle of the album dividing both sides. 1. everytime 2. bad idea 3. NASA 4. R.E.M 5. ghostin 6. successful 7. thank u, next 8. the light is coming - with Nicki Minaj 9. sweetener 10. blazed - with Pharrell 11. goodnight n go 12. God is a woman 13. breathin 14. no tears left to cry 15. imagine
The Latín trap superstar's second solo album and the more impromptu quarantine release (released just weeks apart) are now combined into a balls-to-the-wall and more consistent release. 1. Yo Perreo Sola - with Ivy Queen 2. Pa' Romperla - with Don Omar 3. La Difícil 4. Bichiyal - with Yaviah 5. A Tu Merced 6. Una Vez - with Mora 7. Más Que Una Cita - with Zion & Lennox 8. La Santa - with Daddy Yankee 9. Está Cabrón Ser Yo - with Anuel AA 10. 25/8 11. P FKN R - Kendo Kaponi and Arcángel 12. Solía 13. Vete 14. Si Veo A Tu Mama 15. Ignorantes - with Sech 16. Bad Con Nicky - with Nicky Jam 18. <3 19. Hablamos Mañana - with Duki and Pablo Chill-E 20. Safaera - with Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow
Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated + Side B
Everyone is going to try their hands to Emotion so I'mma try with the follow-up release instead. 1. Party For One 2. Feels Right - with Electric Guest 3. No Drug Like Me 4. Now That I Found You 5. Stay Away 6. This Love Isn't Crazy 7. Happy Not Knowing 8. Julien 9. Summer Love 10. I'll Be Your Girl 11. Want You In My Room 12. Everything He Needs 13. Too Much 14. Comeback - with Bleachers 15. Automatically In Love 16. Now I Don't Hate California After All
Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby + The Sweet Escape
Now with the more racially questionable cuts and the mid-tempo new wave tunes out, enjoy this release from the never-aging queen of the 2000s. 1. What You Waiting For? 2. Wind It Up 3. Rich Girl - with Eve 4. Hollaback Girl 5. Crash 6. Yummy - with Pharrell 7. Cool 8. U Started It 9. The Sweet Escape 10. Luxurious - with Slim Thug 11. 4 In The Morning 12. Early Winter
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience
Distilling both parts of this era into one singular experience creates what I think its an album that just keeps its momentum going in a more organic fashion. 1. Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want) 2. Pusher Love Girl 3. True Blood 4. Suit & Tie - with Jay-Z 5. Don't Hold The Wall 6. Tunnel Vision 7. TKO 8. Take Back The Night 9. Blue Ocean Floor 10. Mirrors
Lady Gaga - The Fame + Monster
Imagine if this was Gaga's debut album... the slayage, the iconic was, the greatness of an all-killer no-filler album of such magnitude. 1. Just Dance - with Colby O'Donis 2. Poker Face 3. LoveGame 4. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 5. Telephone - with Beyoncé 6. The Fame 7. LoveGame 8. Alejandro 9. Dance In The Dark 10. Paparazzi 11. Bad Romance
Lana del Rey - Born to Die + Paradise
Would Lana's initial critical backlash have lessened if this was her debut album? Maybe, maybe not... but at least this edit might have converted some of her nan-sayers sooner... 1. Born to Die 2. Off To The Races 3. Blue Jeans 4. Video Games 5. Summertime Sadness 6. Ride 7. Radio 8. Lolita 9. Diet Mountain Dew 10. Dark Paradise 11. Cola 12. National Anthem 13. Blue Velvet
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi + E=MC²
In an alternative universe Mariah took some extra time after the relative failure of Charmbracelet and didn't came back until 2006/2007 with this album full of non-stop bangers that would have given Butterfly some much-needed competition. 1. It's Like That - with JD and Fatman Scoop 2. Migrate - with T-Pain 3. Stay The Night 4. Side Effects - with Jeezy 5. Say Somethin' - with Snoop Dogg 7. I'm That Chick 8. I'll Be Loving You Long Time - with T.I. 9. Touch My Body 10. I Stay In Love 11. Don't Forget About Us 12. Shake It Off 13. Fly Like A Bird 14. Circles 15. We Belong Together 16. Bye Bye
Michael Jackson - HIStory + Blood on the Dancefloor
After the infamous 1993 trials, let's let MJ release all his rage before we move on to something else... and oh boy, he has a lot to say! 1. Scream - with Janet Jackson 2. They Don't Care About Us 3. 2 Bad 4. Tabloid Junkie 5. Money 6. Morphine 7. Ghosts 8. History 9. Come Together 10. You Are Not Alone 11. Earth Song 12. Smile 13. Stranger In Moscow
Natalia Lafourcade - Musas 1 + 2 The Mexican icon released two albums mixing folk originals with classics that were critically acclaimed... but this distilled take might make it more digestible for those who might not be familiar with the style and genre.
  1. Desdeñosa - with Omara Portuondo and Eugenia Leon
  2. Tu Si Sabes Quererme
  3. Alma Mía
  4. Derecho de Nacimiento
  5. Rocío De Todos Los Campos
  6. Son Amores (That's Amore)
  7. Soledad Y El Mar
  8. Soy Lo Prohibido
  9. Danza de Gardenias
  10. La Llorona
  11. Tú Me Acostumbraste - with Omara Portuondo
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded + The Re-up
It's similarly structures, but with the twist of a less bloated tracklist that makes this already-strong sophomore effort into a bonafide classic. 1. Up In Flames 2. Roman Holiday 3. Bees In The Trap - with 2 Chainz 4. I Endorse These Strippers - with Tyga and Thomas Brinx 5. Come On A Cone 6. I Am Your Leader - with Cam'ron and Rick Ross 7. High School - with Lil Wayne 8. Starships 9. The Boys - with Cassie 10. Va Va Voom 11. Pound The Alarm 12. Marilyn Monroe 13. Gun Shot - with Beenie Man 14. Stupid Hoe 15. Turn Me On - with David Guetta; bonus track
Radiohead - Kid A + Amnesiac
This one hurts me A LOT... and I was the one who did it! 1. Everything In Its Right Place 2. Pyramid Song 3. How To Disappear Completely 4. Life In A Glasshouse 5. Idioteque 6. I Might Be Wrong 7. Knives Out 8. Morning Bell 9. The National Anthem 10. Motion Picture Soundtrack
You can use any loose track or alternative version from the same era to complement your ideal album.
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2020.10.06 17:11 teeohbeewye Pronouns in Cialmi

Hi again, I'm here to show you guys an in-depth look at Cialmi's pronouns - or Cialni Pionomenia [ˈt͡ʃalni ˈpjonoˌmenja]. Trust me, these are just as interesting as nouns or verbs.
First of all, here's a quick reference to my orthography (so I don't have to add IPA to all the tables). I added one phoneme from last time, /ɲ/, spelled ⟨gn⟩, though it doesn't appear in any of the pronouns.

Pronoun Dropping

Let's start with when not to use pronouns. In Cialmi verbs inflect for their subject and nouns inflect for their possessor. This means that personal subject pronouns and possessive pronouns can be dropped. And usually they are dropped, unless the speaker wants to emphasise them.
Orbesan menson (city-dat go-past.perf-1sg) would mean "I went to the city", whereas
Mena orbesan menson (I city-dat go-past.perf-1sg) would mean "I went to the city", with emphasis on "I"

Inflecting Pronouns

Pronouns are inflected like all other nouns, in two numbers and eight cases. Some pronouns can also be inflected for possession, but not all of them. The case inflected pronouns also have a lot more syncretism than other nouns.
When used to modify nouns, pronouns agree in case and number with their head nouns.

Personal Pronouns

Here are the personal pronouns inflected for cases
Third person pronouns in Cialmi show neither gender nor animacy, De can mean "he, she, it"
1. singular 2. singular 3. singular 1. plural 2. plural 3. plural
nominative mena tena de mi ti di
accusative menon tenon den mi ti di
genitive menan tenan den mi ti di
dative menan tenan dian min tin din
locative menana tenana dena mina tina dina
ablative menada tenada deda mida tida dida
translative menate tenate diate mite tite dite
abessive menata tenata diata mita tita dita
It's useful to note here that, even though the personal pronouns have locative forms, they are not often used. Instead speakers of Cialmi prefer using adposititons with possessive inflection. So instead of saying menana for "in me", anamo (an-na-mo inside-loc-1sg "inside me") is more common.
Similarly andamo (an-da-mo inside-abl-1sg) is used for "from inside me", but the ablative form menada is used for more abstract meanings of "from me", like tia squitenca menada tolsa (tia squiten-ca mena-da tol-sa this text-dim I-abl come-past.perf) "this letter came from me"

Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are made from the root is- "self" with possessive suffixes. They work pretty much the same way as "myself, yourself, ..." do in English
1. singular 2. singular 3. singular 1. plural 2. plural 3. plural
nominative ismo iste issa ismi istin issi
accusative isomo isonde isonda isomi isondin isondi
genitive isene~isne isende isenda iseni~isni isendin isendi
dative isamo isande isanda isami isandin isandi
locative isnamo isnade isnau isnami isnadin isnai
ablative istamo istade istau istami istadin istai
translative istemo istede istau istemi istedin istei
abessive istamo istate istata istami istatin istati
The genitive forms can also be used instrumentally, as in isne menon "I go myself / by myself / with myself"


proximal "this" distal "that"
singular plural singular plural
nominative tia te tua tue
accusative tion te tuon tue
genitive / instrumental tian te tuan tue
dative tian ten tuan tuen
locative tiana tena tuana tuena
ablative tiada teda tuada tueda
translative tiate tete tuate tuete
abessive tiata teta tuata tueta
The genitives can again function as instrumentals / adverbs: tian "in this way, like this, thus"
These demonstratives by themselves are used for general "this" and "that". To be more specific, you can inflect them for possession
near me near you (sg) near him/her near us near you (pl) near them
sg pl sg pl sg pl sg pl sg pl sg pl
nom tiamo temo tuade tuede tuada tueda tiami temi tuadin tuedin tuadi tuedi
acc tiomo temo tuonde tuede tuonda tueda tiomi temi tuondin tuedin tuondi tuedi
gen tiane temo tuande tuede tuanda tueda tiani temi tuandin tuedin tuandi tuedi
dat tiamo temo tuande tuende tuanda tuenda tiami temi tuandin tuendin tuandi tuendi
loc tianamo tenamo tuanade tuenade tuanau tuenau tianami tenami tuanadin tuenadin tuanai tuenai
abl tiadamo tedamo tuadade tuedade tuadau tuedau tiadami tedami tuadadin tuedadin tuadai tuedai
tra tiatemo tetemo tuatede tuetede tuatau tuetau tiatemi tetemi tuatedin tuetedin tuatei tuetei
abe tiatamo tetamo tuatate tuetate tuatata tuetata tiatami tetami tuatatin tuetatin tuatati tuetati
The person inflected demonstratives can refer to locations near someone or they can be used anaphorically to refer to something someone said. Here are some examples how they can be used:
Tianamo quada espa
tia-na-mo quada es-pa
this-loc-1sg house be.loc-3sg
"Here (near me) is a house"

Elina dona Parisan mensami. - Tuanadin suama gualsau?
eli-na don-na paris-an men-sa-mi. tua-na-din- suama gual-sa-u
previous-loc summer-loc paris-dat go-past.perf-1pl. that-loc-2pl nice be-past.perf.3sg-inter
"We went to Paris last summer. - Was it nice there (where you were)?"

Era gualon. - Tuade tzue gualba
era gual-on. tua-de tzue gual-ba
old be-1sg. that-2sg true be-3sg
"I am old. - That (which you said) is true."

Normally, however, if the demonstrative modifies a noun, the noun would rather be inflected for possession than the demonstrative.
tia quadamo "this house of mine, this house near me"


Unlike personal pronouns, interrogatives distinguish between animates "who" and inanimates "what"
inanimate animate
singular plural singular plural
nominative me mi ce ci
accusative men mi cen ci
genitive men mi cen ci
instrumental quemen, men - - -
dative con quin cian cin
locative cona quina cena cina
ablative coda quida ceda cida
purpose meda - - -
translative mete mite ciate cite
abessive meta mita ciata cita
For the inanimate interrogatives, the "local case" forms are made with a suppletive root co-. Con, cona, coda mean "where to, where, where from". The ablative form of the other root me- survives as meda, but it has the more abstract meaning "why" (the evolution went something like "from what" > "from what cause" > "why")
The inanimate series also has a special instrumental quemen "how, in what way". It's made up of two historical genitive-instrumentals quen + men (from the roots co-, me-). Men can still be used for "how" but quemen is often preferred (because it's distinct from the accusative and genitive forms)
Interrogative pronouns also function as relative pronouns


And here are all the rest of the pronouns
some, any other, else each, every all
singular plural singular plural - -
nominative oca oci mo mue tiadua tedue
accusative ocon oci mon mui tiaduon tedue
genitive ocan oci muen mui tiaduan tedue
dative ocan ocin mon muin tiaduan teduen
locative ocana ocina mona muina tiaduana teduena
ablative ocada ocida moda muida tiaduada tedueda
translative ocate ocite mote muite tiaduate teduete
abessive ocata ocita mota muita tiaduata tedueta
The word oca is actually just the numeral "one", but it can be used as an indefinite pronoun "some, any"
The words tiadua "each" and tedue "all" are interesting. First of all, they are singular and plural versions of each other. Secondly, they were made by combining the demonstratives "this" and "that" together (with a voicing change in between). They would have evolved something like this:
tia tua nenga "this and that woman" --> tiadua nenga "each woman, every woman"
te tue nengi "these and those women " --> tedue nengi "all women"

Did I forget something? Oh yes, reciprocal pronouns!
These correspond to English "each other", but there are different forms for different persons. And they inflect in cases too. They only have plural forms though, I don't think singular reciprocals make sense?
They are made by inflecting the plural pronoun mui- "others" with possessive suffixes
1. plural 2. plural 3. plural
nom / acc / gen muimi muidin muidi
dative muimi muindin muindi
locative muinami muinadin muinai
ablative muidami muidadin muidai
translative muitemi muitedin muitei
abessive muitami muitatin muitati
Muimi niami (mui-mi nia-mi see-1pl) "We see each other"
Muidi niapi (mui-di nia-pi see-3pl) "They see each other"

So that's all of pronouns (maybe, please tell me if I forgot something 😅). If you read through all of that, thank you! Feedback and comments are welcome
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2020.10.06 00:10 strCdo Sobre el terriblemente sesgado y penoso artículo de Financial Times

Virtualmente todas las aseveraciones del artículo, en sus siete párrafos, parten de un prejuicio o una descontextualización severa:

El párrafo introductorio:

  1. La facultad del presidente de remover funcionarios de su gabinete por no coincidir con su visión es legítima; la aseveración de "lealtad ciega" no tiene cita que la respalde; la supuesta alarma que debiera producirse por lo anterior es infundada. Un presidente haciendo cambios a su gabinete es normal, esperado y conforme a derecho.
  2. ¿Impulsar el debate público ante la procuración de justicia por crímenes no prescritos, es razón para sentir miedo?
  3. ¿Por haber manifestado que estará vigilante, como cualquier ciudadano, de cómo opere el INE?
  4. ¿Por sostener su opinión sobre diarios que tergiversan la información prácticamente todos los días?

Segundo párrafo:

  1. Financial Times asume sesgadamente que la corte respondió a una orden presidencial. ¿Fuente?
  2. Financial Times claramente no vio el debate público de los ministros de la corte y cree saber de derecho mexicano solamente en base a su prejuicio.

Tercer párrafo:

  1. No tengo objeción.

Cuarto párrafo:

  1. Opinión que parte de prejuicio.
  2. Las entidades federativas están recibiendo su aporte de la federación sin las acostumbradas dilaciones malintencionadas del pasado. El alivio fiscal que trataron de obtener los gobernadores que abandonaran la CENAGO, no representa ninguna amenaza a su autonomía: la federación no está obligada a aceptar pacto alguno y puede rechazarlos a placer, solo está obligada a cumplir con los deberes establecidos en la constitución.

Quinto Párrafo:

  1. El Congreso lo votamos los mexicanos. La agenda que allí se lleva adelante claramente no fue imposición presidencial.
  2. A ningún mexicano le extraña que alguien señale las deficiencias del INE del pasado. Financial Times mostrando su ignorancia sobre México.
  3. Si es cierto ¿qué se supone que deba decirse?
  4. De nuevo: si es cierto ¿qué se supone que deba decirse?

Sexto párrafo:

  1. Sesgo puro.
  2. No tengo objeción. Los resultados económicos no fueron buenos antes de la pandemia, la criminalidad no ha disminuido.
  3. Eh, México está en décimo lugar, para octubre 2: El trabajo de la secretaría de salud ha sido encomiable; lo abordan como si una pandemia fuese cosa de todos los años.
  4. Eh, ciertamente los inversores acostumbrados a traficar con influencias, no pagar impuestos y procurar que nunca suban los salarios, son los que partieron de México. Noticia relevante de hoy, por cierto:

Párrafo conclusivo:

  1. Un párrafo conclusivo partiente de tanto sesgo y miopía solo podía ser así de escueto y desatinado.
Que busquen mejores fuentes, esto lo puede escribir cualquiera.
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2020.09.14 10:50 Badalona2016 PCR test Barcelona, today (private laboratory)

anyone got tips where I can do a PCR test today, have no symptoms, but was in "close" contact with someone who tested positive.. according to CAP I am not at risk .. contact was outdoors , and we were both wearing masks at all time , kept a distance of minimum 1 meter - 1.5 meters
however some paranoid relatives want me to get tested... already contacted ITACA Medical, Salud Savia, Vidaria,
any tips appreciated
edit: I went to Laboratorio de análisis Echevarne Barcelona
paid €110 online via
could just go to the lab without cita previa, had to wait one hour in the street, once I entered , had to wait another 30 - 45 minutes before I was tested
all in all took me a couple of hours
now wait 48 hours!
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2020.09.03 08:07 crizbiii NIE - Toma de Huellas

I will literally accept and use any kind of advice I can get, so please help me out.
My boyfriend, who is not from the EU, has to renew his NIE - his expired back in January 2020 and we've been trying to get an appointment since. We are always told that there's no appointments available at this moment (the usual "En este momento no hay citas disponibles.")
We even went down to the police station to try and get some answers there, but they always tell us that appointments can be made only via the website.
We've tried all hours of the day - I work during the night so I check the website multiple times a night and he checks it during the day. We can never get through.
Him not being to renew his NIE (he has been here since he was 8 years old - his mother already has Spanish nationality and his stepdad is Spanish) impacts multiple factors: him not being able to quit from his current job and go for a job he likes more, his credit card expiring soon and not being able to renew it because of the missing NIE, us not being able to move into a different apartment without the contract only being on my name, us not being able to open a joint bank account for savings.
So please tell me, do you have any tricks for getting an appointment for the NIE for someone who isn't from the EU?
Also, as a side note, he used to reside in Valladolid before moving to Madrid with me. His NIE still has the Valladolid address whereas his empadronamiento is in Madrid. Do you perhaps know if he would be able to renew his NIE in Valladolid, even if his empadronamiento is in Madrid? We tried to call the police station in Valladolid but surprise surprise, nobody ever answers. For the Valladolid police station there's tons of open spots for an appointment.
Thanks in advance everyone!!
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2020.08.22 18:56 whegmaster observations on minimal pairs in Pandunia

one of the first challenges any new learner of a language will face is learning all the sounds that go into it. this is why it is important for auxlangs to avoid needlessly rare and difficult distinctions, like x/h, and a/ã. of course, this must be balanced against the benefits that can be gained from a larger phoneme inventory—namely root recognizability and brevity. even when it is worthwhile to include a phonemic distinction in a language, though, keeping that distinction out of common words can make learning easier on those who are unaccustomed to it.
with all that in mind, I decided to tabulate all of the minimal pairs in Pandunia for its least common phonemic distinctions: v/b, v/w, v/f, s/z, j/c, and x/c. the full list is below.
I feel comfortable saying that none of these pairs of words are likely to be confused in practice, with the possible exceptions of basi and bazi, fute and vute (in the context of amusement park rides), paxe and pace (in the context of politics and philosophy), and maybe cenden and jenden. this means that, for the most part, a hypothetical Spanish speaker can get by just fine pronouncing b and v as [β] and c and j as /ʃ/, at least until they get the hang of the proper pronunciations.
one noteworthy thing I found is that there is only one minimal pair there are two minimal pairs between w and v. this means that if we wanted to declare [w] to be a valid pronunciation of v, we would only need to change one word two words to avoid homophony (probably wale to Persian divare to give us the compound divarkagaze, and wine to triunfe). personally, I think it would be a good idea, since it doesn't really lose us anything, it would make Pandunia less intimidating to speakers of Mandarin, Hindi, and Russian, and it would make us look much more credible if Conlang Critic ever reviewed us (he only said Lidepla's phonology was okay because they don't have any v/w minimal pairs). we could take it even further and forbid v/b pairs like Globasa does, and only need to change seven more words, but that's a bit more work.

pandunia 1 pandunia 2 engli 1 engli 2
vale wale valley wall
wine vine success wine
karibi karivi near active
nabi navi prophetic nine
bali vali eight valley
benda venda bend sell
bire vire beer hero
bisi visi noninary replacement
bize vize busybody visa
grafe grave picture gravel
kafe kave coffee cavity
faze vaze phase vase
feri veri iron true
fine vine end wine
fote vote light vote
fute vute foot object
banse banze bamboo plank
basi bazi sufficient basic
bisi bizi nonbinary busy
buse buze bus goat
fase faze surface phase
gase gaze gas gauze
isa iza turn facilitate
rose roze dew rose
tasi tazi dish fresh
tesi tezi thetic intense
vise vize replacement visa
salimi zalimi surrender mean
samane zamane sky time
sare zare head luck
saye zaye shadow present
si zi yes one's own
seme zeme seed earth
sine zine breast adultadulturyury
sire zire secret cumin
sisi zizi six sizzly
sone zone sleep zone
songe zonge pine tree spike
suki zuki happy ethnic
vaze wase vase oasis
bace baxe child language
deci dexi one-tenth federal
keci kexi polite hairy
maca maxa match increase
nice nixe underside niche
pace paxe peace pain
cante xante song calm
carme xarme charm shame
cira xira rip hide
cita xita quote shit
cute xuta exit skill
gance ganje hook marijuana
cake jake knife jacket
cana jana make know
cangi jangi frequent crafty
cari jari four jarry
ceka jeka check borrow
cena jena predate birth
cenden jenden yesterday birthday
cenge jenge layer war
cupe jupe sucking skirt
cuza jusa choose juice
laje laxe trash vestige
puja luxa worship push
suje suxe suggestion sushi
jake xake jacket branch
jame xame collection evening
jane xane knowledge mountain
jeke xeke loan stone
jina xina enter believe
joke xoke joke shock
juxa xuxa inject silence
Edit: I somehow missed vine/wine in my assertion that there was only one v/w minimal pair. there are, in fact two. I don't think it affects my conclusion that much because wine, like wale, is not very international. but two is much more than one, so they're definitely both worth mentioning.
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2020.08.20 00:58 seismicfeels Te dije que robarías mi corazón, mi cariño. (I told you that you would steal my heart, my dear.)

A pesar de una barrera de idioma, me hablabas por una manera que muy pocos han podidos hablarme. No siempre comprendías mi inglés, pero entiendes la lengua de mi alma con fluidez.
(In spite of our language barrier, you spoke to me in a way very few people ever have. You didn’t always understand my English, but you are fluent in the language of my soul.)
Teníamos tanto muchísimo potencial, mi cariño. Yo tenía sentimientos poderosos para tí, y yo sé que los tenías tambien para mí.
(We had so much potential, my darling. I had powerful feelings for you, and I know you felt them for me too.)
En una de nuestras conversaciones, te dije que no creyí que viniste a los Estados Unidos para mejorar su inglés, pero en realidad estuves enviado al país por un mision para robarme a mi corazón.
(In one of our early conversations, I told you that I didn’t believe you came to the US to improve your English, and that in reality you were sent here on a mission to steal my heart.)
Entiendo. Necesitas tener cuidado sobre quien conoces cuando eres una au pair. Es porque esperabas antes de aceptar mi invitación para conocerme.
(I understand. As an au pair you need to be careful with who you get involved with. That’s why you waited a bit before you agreed to meet me.)
Pero cuando tenías cuidado, tu familia anfitriona tuvo más cuidado, y no te permite para salir de citas conmigo o con ninguna persona.
(But even though you were cautious, your host family was even more cautious, and decided not to allow you to date me or anyone else.)
Y ahora nuestros corazones están rompidos, y poco a poco nos estamos extrañando al otro.
(And now our hearts are broken, while little by little while we miss each other we become increasingly estranged.)
Pero siempre recuerda la poema escribí para tí. Una pieza de mi corazón es en la poema. Es la pieza que me robaste. Llévatela a Colombia cuando devuelvas, para ser un memento sobre lo que podría haber sido, un amor inexplorado.
(But always remember the poem I wrote for you. I put a piece of my heart into that poem. It is the piece you have stole from me. Take it back with you when you return to Colombia, to serve as a memento of what might have been, a love unexplored.)
Llama (Flame)
Tinder fue un medio apropriado
Para encontrarte para encender mi corazón
Es bueno que yo he tomado
Los 11 años de cursos de español.
A pesar de una barrera de idioma
Me comunicas mejor que muchas gringas
A pesar de no hemos conocernos,
Mejor que muchos a me sintonizas.
¿Estás bastante sintonizada a mí
Para seguir el rítmo de mi latido?
¿O debo averiguar donde nos guiaría
Si yo seguiría a tu rítmo?
Tu danza es directo
Tus pasos nunca son de lado
A las cosas daremos tres pasos a la vez
Y paremos para disfrutar el momento cada cuarto.
No me importa cuantos momentos se nos dará
Pero deberemos hacer cada uno pasa como es para siempre
Dos almas y dos lenguas para sintonizarnos al gusto
Del espiritu y cuerpo del otro por aliento y palabra cuando faltamos contacto.
No es la primera vez
Que mi corazón ha encendido
Pero ha pasado mucho tiempo desde alguien
Ha tenido el coraje para compartir la llama conmigo.
Ojala que a lo mejor lo tengas.
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2020.08.17 12:46 StupidFatHobbit StupidFatHobbit's Filter v3.11.4 - Racing & Levelling Improvements

8/17/20 - v3.11.4 - Harvest League Update IV - Racing & Levelling Improvements

Forum Item Filter Page
FilterBlast Preview
Video Guide
Sovereign General CS
Sovereign Strict CS
Sovereign UberStrict CS
Forum Thread
Custom Sound Example - Sonic 3 Sounds
Sonic 3 Sounds Download

Update Notes:

The most important thing to take note of this update is that levelling icons and link highlighting have been completely redone. The entire system should be far more intuitive than before.
Incursion highlighting has been heavily reworked and influenced highlighting has also been updated.
Major Changes and New Features:
  • Levelling link colors have been 'flattened' (same border color as background) for catchall blocks, with borders for prio blocks. The color progression is now far more intuitive and the same order used in maps/currency (blue 2L, green 3L, cyan 4L, purple 5L, pink corrupted 6L, red/white other 6L). Small hexagons for catchalls, big ones for prio. Overall should be much more intuitive than before (old system had some weird highlight/icon color mismatches)
  • Revised levelling icons and added a fuckton more. Rings now use moons, amulets use kites and colors are specific to each basetype (i.e. jade is green, citrine yellow, etc)
  • More or less completely redid incursion item highlighting. Most mods are now given colored borders. blue = xopec, tan = guat, purple = cita, etc. teal means variable value and you need to see which mod it actually rolled (Trying to keep teal consistent as the "variable value / need to check this" color outside of basic currency highlighting). Consistent top mods still have white border. The intention behind this is for SSF racing (just ignore the items which you know wont have the mods you need once you learn the colors)
  • Adjusted a large number of influence highlights, tried to bring it more in line with the current meta. Should be less big highlights on low value items now
  • Icon types have been more standardized. i.e. moon almost always represents special explicit mods, kite represents basetypes/jewels, cross influenced items. IDcraft now uses triangles, catalyst icons changed as well. Note that levelling icons differ from endgame in areas where there is no overlap
  • Added "Fernando" block that greys out currency picked up by Fernando (Chinese Client Only). 2 tiers, the lower tier is hidden in strict, both hidden in Uber
  • Cluster jewels now located in the jewel section (7). Most jewels now use kite icons
Other Levelling Changes:
  • Global Levelling section completely rewritten and made easier to read and edit, the bandaid blocks in strict have been finally removed
  • Added minimap icon to coral ring/leather belt dropping at lower levels
  • Some more jewellery minimap icons now show in levelling phase in strict for essence / vendor recipe purposes
  • Added minimap icon and sound to rare jewellery dropping in Part I in general
  • Added minimap icon to smaller chromes dropping in a1/a2/a3, made them max font size
  • Pagan wand line no longer considered a caster levelling item, only summoner
  • Layered Kite Shield now shows before 34 b/c of china mod races
  • Significantly increased font size life/mana flasks levelling phase, removed the boss-targeted flask blocks as they were causing more clutter than intended
  • Movespeed boot big highlight level range extended from 25 to 35
Other Changes:
  • A lot more atlas bases now follow the blue/purple/red icon/light progression for 84/85/86+
  • Uber filter now hides abyssal incubators below 82 as they can't drop 82+ abyss jewels. Same with <80 celestial incubators
  • Uber filter finally hides chaos res breach rings given the current chewbacca meta and overall prevalence of chaos damage in the current game
  • Changed catalyst and some prophecy icons
  • Removed sound on the majority of lower tier influenced items
  • Heavily tightened jewel IDcraft, only jewels with life and ES are now flagged
  • Removed sound, shrunk font size all non master specific veiled items
  • Added spelldodge and pen boots to increased lab enchant highlighting block
  • Finally moved breachstones to a new highlight and separated pure from the rest (only pure now has white bg instead of all)
  • Spine bow added to 84+ bases
  • Hallowed Life Flask replaced with Eternal Mana Flask for 20q flask highlighting
  • Fixed a few minor errors in some optional sections, thanks to those that brough them to my attention
  • Added a lot more notes in the filter indicating exactly what certain blocks are for
  • Slightly darkened pink text on t16 maps
  • Various minor color and highlighting adjustments
Unique/Div tiering changes:
  • Fright Claw, World Eater, Chain Belt, Army of Blood, Full Wyrmscale, Wool Gloves
As usual, the best way to stay up to date on the filter is to follow the forum thread or to add me ingame. With the filter's increasing popularity, the best way to ask me questions about it is over my stream as I simply cannot type while playing. Any lengthy inquiries will always be directed to the stream if it is online. Since I keep getting asked I have also finally set up a donation link for those who want to support the filter.
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2020.08.09 07:50 seismicfeels Que debo saber sobre la cultura de citas en Colombia? (What should I know about Colombia’s dating culture?)

¡Hola Colombia! Recientemente una colombiana quien está visitando mi país quien me interesa, entonces quiero aprender más sobre la cultura de citas en Colombia. ¿Ustedes pueden ayudarme?
(Hello Colombia! Recently I’ve become interested in a Colombian woman who is visiting my country, so I would like to learn more about Colombian dating culture. Can you all help me?)
Ella tiene 26 años, yo tengo 28 años, y yo soy de los Estados Unidos. Lo me parece pasar bien por ahora, pero este momento solo estamos en la etapa de hablar. ¡Gracias por sus ayuda!
(She is 26 years old, I am 28 years old, and I am from the United States. It appears to be going well so far, but right now we are only at the talking stage. Thank you all for your help!)
Tambien, ¡lo siento si hay errores! Español no es mi lengua nativa.
(Also, I’m sorry for any mistakes! Spanish is not my native tongue.)
submitted by seismicfeels to Colombia [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 01:25 Zorgi23 COVID Update - August 7, 2020

COVID Update - August 7, 2020
The situation with California’s case data apparently has been resolved, but it will take up to two days before the new data reflect the up to 300,000 records that were backlogged in the system. Accordingly, I won’t show or comment on any numbers that involve case data for California, its counties, cities, or zip codes. Instead, I’ll just present numbers on fatalities and hospitalizations, since, to my knowledge, there were no problems regarding those statistics. Apparently, they aren’t updating the state datasets, since the last day I was able to download was August 5. I’ll see how things look on Monday, and if I’m fairly sure the data are reliable, I’ll do a full update then.
If you want to review the numbers anyway, you can go to your public health department (links on or to the following interactive charts:
Since I won’t really have any case data to talk about, I may take the whole weekend off. I have 365 personal days per year in my contract, so I think I may take two of them Saturday and Sunday!
Various localities are talking about cracking down on the scofflaws who selfishly make all our lives more risky and prolong the pandemic. In Los Angeles, they’re getting ready to shut off water and power to houses that sponsor big parties filled with hundreds of people stuffed inside together. In Del Mar, CA, the City Council is going to hire part time deputies to hand out violations to people who flout the county health mandates – fines up to $1,000 and up to 3 months in jail. In the city of San Diego, however, little or no enforcement. Even though cases have increased 25% over the past month, only one citation was issued in July.
I can understand the reluctance of police officers to move in on individuals, but these huge parties? They need to be shut down, and the organizers fined heavily. Same for religious “leaders” who hold in-person services in violation of public health orders.
These people who don’t wear masks are like litter bugs. They are the tragedy of the commons. Their selfishness hurts us all, not just the health care workers who have to tend to them when their recklessness gets them sick.
So wear your mask this weekend and stay safe & healthy. See you on Monday!
submitted by Zorgi23 to LosAngeles [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 01:22 Zorgi23 COVID Update - Aug. 7, 2020

COVID Update - Aug. 7, 2020
The situation with California’s case data apparently has been resolved, but it will take up to two days before the new data reflect the up to 300,000 records that were backlogged in the system. Accordingly, I won’t show or comment on any numbers that involve case data for California, its counties, cities, or zip codes. Instead, I’ll just present numbers on fatalities and hospitalizations, since, to my knowledge, there were no problems regarding those statistics. Apparently, they aren’t updating the state datasets, since the last day I was able to download was August 5. I’ll see how things look on Monday, and if I’m fairly sure the data are reliable, I’ll do a full update then.
If you want to review the numbers anyway, you can go to your public health department (links on or to the following interactive charts:
Since I won’t really have any case data to talk about, I may take the whole weekend off. I have 365 personal days per year in my contract, so I think I may take two of them Saturday and Sunday!
Various localities are talking about cracking down on the scofflaws who selfishly make all our lives more risky and prolong the pandemic. In Los Angeles, they’re getting ready to shut off water and power to houses that sponsor big parties filled with hundreds of people stuffed inside together. In Del Mar, CA, the City Council is going to hire part time deputies to hand out violations to people who flout the county health mandates – fines up to $1,000 and up to 3 months in jail. In the city of San Diego, however, little or no enforcement. Even though cases have increased 25% over the past month, only one citation was issued in July.
I can understand the reluctance of police officers to move in on individuals, but these huge parties? They need to be shut down, and the organizers fined heavily. Same for religious “leaders” who hold in-person services in violation of public health orders.
These people who don’t wear masks are like litter bugs. They are the tragedy of the commons. Their selfishness hurts us all, not just the health care workers who have to tend to them when their recklessness gets them sick.
So wear your mask this weekend and stay safe & healthy. See you on Monday!
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2020.08.03 10:59 opensocket Changing a Cita

Hello, I am wondering if someone here can help. I am an American citizen who is marrying a Spanish citizen. We have completed all the paperwork, interviews and process. We made it to our final cita, where they will finally clear us for marriage. My pareja’s family called last night to tell us his grandfather is passing away and we had to board a plane in a few hours. Our appointment is on Thursday at the registro civil and we will not be in Barcelona. What do you think our best bet is to try and inform the registro civil we need to reschedule? I have tried calling 010 but am still trying to get through and unfortunately we do not have a digital certificate to do anything online. I’m guessing no one will call us if we do not show up to the appointment and I’m just wondering what the best thing to do is.
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2020.07.31 06:20 B_O_A_H I got a date!!

I (M20) have been talking to this Mexican girl (F20) who started working in the same factory as me, but in a completely different department. I said hi to her one day and she greeted me in Spanish. I happen to be somewhat ok with Spanish so I carried on the conversation in Spanish, and she was smitten. I can’t understand everything she says in Spanish, but her facial expression was universal when this scrawny white kid from Iowa started speaking Spanish to her. She was born in Texas, raised in Mexico, and moved back to Texas 8 years ago. Her English is pretty good, but sometimes I have to slow down a bit so she can pick it all out. Same goes the other way for me. I asked her in Spanish if she wanted to go on a date with me (<¿Quieres ir a una cita conmigo el próximo fin de semana?>) direct quote, next weekend because I’m out of state this weekend. She immediately said yes, and now I have to come up with something to do, because I thought she would have shot me down immediately. Do I take her to a Mexican restaurant or would she take that as racist or stereotypical? Do I take her to an American place like Texas Roadhouse, or would that be ignorant? I’ve only ever dated other Americans before, so I’m not sure how the customs are different in Mexico, or how she would react if I did do a Latino type date, or how her family would expect her to be treated, obviously be a gentleman and treat her with respect, but apart from that, I’m not sure where the line is between being courteous and being “a neckbeard”. If anyone out there has any advice (especially with dating people from a different culture) that would be much appreciated. TIA!!
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2020.07.31 06:19 B_O_A_H I got a date!!

I (M20) have been talking to this Mexican girl (F20) who started working in the same factory as me, but in a completely different department. I said hi to her one day and she greeted me in Spanish. I happen to be somewhat ok with Spanish so I carried on the conversation in Spanish, and she was smitten. I can’t understand everything she says in Spanish, but her facial expression was universal when this scrawny white kid from Iowa started speaking Spanish to her. She was born in Texas, raised in Mexico, and moved back to Texas 8 years ago. Her English is pretty good, but sometimes I have to slow down a bit so she can pick it all out. Same goes the other way for me. I asked her in Spanish if she wanted to go on a date with me (<¿Quieres ir a una cita conmigo el próximo fin de semana?>) direct quote, next weekend because I’m out of state this weekend. She immediately said yes, and now I have to come up with something to do, because I thought she would have shot me down immediately. Do I take her to a Mexican restaurant or would she take that as racist or stereotypical? Do I take her to an American place like Texas Roadhouse, or would that be ignorant? I’ve only ever dated other Americans before, so I’m not sure how the customs are different in Mexico, or how she would react if I did do a Latino type date, or how her family would expect her to be treated, obviously be a gentleman and treat her with respect, but apart from that, I’m not sure where the line is between being courteous and being “a neckbeard”. If anyone out there has any advice (especially with dating people from a different culture) that would be much appreciated. TIA!!
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2020.07.17 16:33 TheRoyalGodfrey New Music Friday: July 17th, 2020

Daily Discussion Thread


It's [FRESH] Friday, tagless song posts aren't allowed. Just [FRESH], [HYPE] and [ORIGINAL]
From KHDTX13:

Fresh Singles

Fresh Albums & EPs


BLADEE - 333
Blu & Exile - Miles
KYLE - See You When I am Famous!!!!!
Unknown T - Rise Above Hate
Jhené Aiko - Chilombo (Deluxe)
NoCap - Steel Human
Sybyr - I Don't Have to Scream Like That Anymore Suck My Dick
Lianne La Havas - Lianne La Havas
Spodee & Spotlife Movement - Spotlife X Spodee
Q Da Fool - Deaf Wish
38 Spesh - Speshal Blends


Joey Bada$$ - The Light Pack
Oddisee - Odd Cure
Sheff G - Just 4 Yall
Jay Worthy & Shlohmo - Till The Morning
J.I the Prince of N.Y - Welcome to GStarr Vol. 1
Jarreau Vandal - Suburb Superhero: The Villain Within
Fat Tony - Live at No Audience, Vol. 2
Bernz - Sorry For the Mess pt2
Joey Cool - Coolie High Vol 3


Smino, J.I.D. & Kenny Beats - Baguetti*
Kanye West - Donda*
DJ Khaled & Drake - POPSTAR / GREECE
Lupe Fiasco & Kaelin Ellis - SHOES (feat. Virgil Abloh)
Rejjie Snow - Cookie Chips ft. MF DOOM & Cam O'bi
Problem - Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix) [feat. Freddie Gibbs & Snoop Dogg]
JPEGMAFIA & Tommy Genesis - ROUGH 7
Zack Fox & Kenny Beats - 100
City Morgue - HURTWORLD '99
03 Greedo - Bands In Da Basement (feat. Chief Keef)
Kenny Mason - Give (Feat. Deante Hitchcock)
Guapdad 4000 - No Home for the Brave
The Kid LAROI - Tell Me Why
THEY. - Play Fight (Feat. Tinashe)
Shoreline Mafia - Perc Popper
Killah Priest - Priest Melody
Lecrae - Drown (feat. John Legend)
Tyla Yaweh - Stuntin' On You (feat. DaBaby)
Tkay Madiza - Don’t Call Me Again (feat. Kari Faux)
NIKI - Selene
Fred The Godson - DJ Absolut Freestyle (Fred's Last One Recorded)
Saint JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix) [feat. J Balvin]
Benee - Night Garden (feat. Kenny Beats & Bakar)
Tinashe - Rascal (Superstar)
Locksmith - Black Holocaust
Unknown P - Burning (Remix)
Chris Rivers - Shine
Flipp Dinero - Rich Today
Gabriel Garzón-Montano - Agüita
Open Mike Eagle - Neighborhood Protection Spell (Lana Del Biden Nem)
DEKAY - Glow (feat. Father, Lil Wop, & ManManSavage)
Quin Nfn - Detroit Flow
Duckwrth - Coming Closer (Feat. Julia Romana & G.L.A.M)
DJDS - Simple Things (Feat. Tory Lanez & Rema)
Aluna - Get Paid (feat. Princess Nokia & Jada Kingdom)
SKRT - Wicked Games (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Pressa & Houdini - Mansion
Jidenna - Black Magic Hour (feat. Bullish)
ℒund - Broken (feat. Lil Skies & Noah Cyrus)
NBA Youngboy - Sticks With Me
Jacob Collier - He Won't Hold You (feat. Rapsody)
Rod Wave - Through The Wire
Masego - Good & Plenty (feat. Alex Isley & Jack Dine)
Kasher Quon - Lil Uzi
Starvin B - Won't Be No Discussion (feat. Planet Asia)
Gud & Whitearmor - Frutta e Verdura
Ghetts - Mad About Bars (feat. Kenny Allstar)
SKYXXX - 14 GRAMZ (feat. Valee)
Blackbear - i felt that
Pink Sweat$ - The Prelude
The Lonerz - All About Me (feat. Fivio Foreign)
Destructo - Bandz (feat. Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates & Denzel Curry) [Loge21 Remix]
DJ Unwind - High Life (feat. Nickelus F, Skuff Mickson & Blokhead Johnny)
Lil Keed, Kota the Friend & Johan Lenox - throwback thursday
TyFontaine - Duse & Juice (feat. Lil Keed)
Talib Kweli - Sing For Em (feat. Shelea)
Jarren Benton - Disobey (feat. Dizzy Wright)
Sham1016 & Chuck Inglish - 850 Blue Leathers
KAMILLE - Somebody (feat. Ebenezer)
Nasty Jack & Manga Saint Hilare - Lads Wknd
Manga Saint Hilare - Dumping Again
9.summ & Roya1 - Ash It (feat. Fashawn)
Caleb Carnell - Self Control (feat. Evann McIntosh)
Postcard - Savior (feat. O.T. Genasis)
Ravo - Jawsin' on Citas (feat. Mistah F.A.B., Nef the Pharaoh & Keak da Sneak)
Powfu - 17again
Mac Ayres - Same Old Strangers (feat. Keys Open Doors)
Joesef & Loyle Carner - I Wonder Why
K. Roosevelt - Wild (feat. Jent Jamz)
24hrs - Regina George (feat. blackbear)
Rexx Life Raj - Penthouse at the W
Big 4L Eli - Ugh (feat. Rio Da Yung Og)
King Jo$h - Big Stepper (feat. Sheff G & Ron Suno)
Koffee - Lockdown
Grace Carter & Jacob Banks - Blame
14 trapdoors & Benny the Butcher - I Did It All (feat. Camoflauge Monk & Rick Hyde)
Bahari - Savage (feat. BIA)
Bfb Da Packman - Made Me Mad (feat. Dice Soho)
4ourth - Lucid Samurai (feat. ProbCause)
Slickmoneycam - Who Killers? (feat. BandGang Lonnie Bands & Drego)
JoJo Pellegrino - Legal Murderers (feat. Mr. Easy)
Anne-Marie - To Be Young (feat. Doja Cat)
Omega The Poet - Nectarine (Remix) [feat. Supa Bwe]
Guapley - Sundown (feat. Guapdad 4000)
Awol One - Don't Let the Devil In
Masego - Good & Plenty (feat. Alex Isley & Jack Dine)
TMG FRE$H & Tee Grizzley - Champagne Cry
R-MEAN, Berner & Styles P - Mafia
Rich Boy - Ndidi
SD - Easy Stain
Shamir - I Wonder
Pink Siifu & Shungu - Cement
ARTi$t Marty McFly - All of My Niggas (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)
Monro & Jalen Santoy - Tongues
Brian Brown - 2K Freestyle
Brto - 2cool (feat. Apollo Anthony)
No Vacation & Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Dreams
Shill Macc - The Plug (feat. Mozzy)
K Town - Town-Topic (feat. Bfb Da Packman)
Dommy Divine, Slug Christ & Eddy Baker - To Infinity and Beyond
BIA - Dubios (feat. Lino Golden)
NateTaylorr - The Chase (Remix) [feat. Norman Perry & ChaseTheMoney]
Jay Wile - Real Bad
K. Forest - Friend Ting (feat. Joeezy)
FATSO FELON - Slime Juice (feat. Slimelife Shawty)
AzChike - Too Selfish (feat. Nef the Pharaoh)
Minorkeyleo - Graffiti (feat. Rylo Rodriguez)
Platinum Trap - Blick (feat. Boosie Badazz)
Bethan Mane - Icedd Out Mink (feat. Ghostie)
OG Tweezy - The World Is Yours (feat. Boosie Badazz)
Braidgod - Handbag (feat. Jay2 & King Hez)
Top$ide - Benchwarmers (feat. Babyface Ray & Valee)
38 - Booty Super Hero (feat. Project Pat)
Pres - U Love Yo Bitch (feat. Gt & Babyface Ray)
Malcolm Anthony - Wicked
Cee Mark (feat. Joell Ortiz, KXNG CROOKED & Kayla Bean)
Elliott Niezel - Rakish Thunder (feat. Wolfie Warship & Planet Asia)
*\ means not on streaming, maybe it's a leak?
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2020.07.17 01:22 noat45 Encuentra a la mujer que te amará a través de tu transformación personal

La mujer que te aceptará como un trabajo en proceso y verá la grandeza que hay en ti
Soy una persona emprendedora y un artista quien constantemente está tratando de mejorar y lograr algo conmigo mismo, se puede decir que sigo mi propio camino pero aún estoy a miles de horizontes alejado de donde verdad quisiera estar, así que estoy consciente de que salir y encontrar a una maravillosa mujer que esté conmigo será algo muy complicado.
Tratar de explicarles a ellas sobre lo que estoy haciendo con mi tiempo y lo que estoy tratando de conseguir se vuelve agotador; y al final, algunas mujeres no lo entienden y deciden buscar a sujetos con mayor estabilidad quienes ya hayan logrado algo o haber dejado su huella en el mundo.
Entonces… ¿Cómo a encontrar a la mujer que no solo apreciará todo el trabajo que estás haciendo por tan poca recompensa o, mejor aún, entiende por todo lo que estás pasando? ¿Cómo encuentras un amor real y duradero cuando estás aprendiendo, creciendo y en el proceso de convertirte en la persona que quieres ser? Bueno, puedes estar seguro que vas a hallar al tipo de chica que te amará a través de todo ese esfuerzo que estas poniendo en ti mismo.

Pero ¿Quién es está mujer exactamente?
Es el tipo de mujer cuyo encanto radica en sus detalles y en las muchas maneras en como ella expresa su cariño. Estos detalles son sutiles, tales como su habilidad para entender, aceptar y dar soporte a quien es un trabajo en proceso. Porqué el éxito no se hace en una noche porque sabe que para lograrlo se requiere de una gran cantidad de tiempo y esfuerzo en algún punto del tiempo.
Este tipo de mujer es única y especial, porque ella es como una talentosa exploradora o una jueza experta que tiene la habilidad de juzgar a las personas de manera adecuada. Ella es capaz de ver el potencial y salir con ese potencial.
Ella no necesita que seas “EL HOMBRE” o que seas el sujeto que consigue el acceso VIP en los mejores bares de la zona. Ella está perfectamente bien permaneciendo a tu lado, sosteniendo tu mano, cuidando tu espalda y brindando el apoyo que necesitas justo en ese momento.
Ella no necesita un sujeto influyente que aumente su reputación social solo por salir con él. De hecho, ella es feliz de pagar la cuenta cuando te encuentras en una pésima situación financiera haciendo bromas con el mesero sobre ser la “sugar mommy” de la noche.
Ella entiende tu proceso y sabe exactamente cuánto esfuerzo haces para lograr ser la mejor versión de ti mismo, mejor aún, ella quiere ayudarte a que lo seas en cada forma en que le sea posible apoyarte.
Ella es el tipo de mujer que está al corriente de las cosas, una adepta a entender a las personas y su modo de vida, ella tiene muchas capas y es capaz de verlas en otros.
No solo mira al mundo en la apariencia, va más allá; con un ojo investigador y acepta la complejidad de este. Es una persona real, genuina, y no se estanca con las cualidades de poder, dinero y estatus. Ella es capaz de tomar grandes decisiones con las cuales ayuda y se asocia con el tipo correcto de personas.
No se queda atrapada o fascinada por las apariencias de sujetos que presumen sus posesiones para atraer mujeres, desprecia este tipo de interacciones por pensar que salir con personas no es un intercambio hueco que pudiera ser manejado como una especie de negocio. Esto se debe a que este tipo de mujeres han crecido valiéndose de sí mismas. Ella ha crecido para ser una persona fuerte, capaz de conseguir su propio espacio en el mundo. Por esta razón es deseable, real y más importante: ella entiende el conflicto interno que debes afrontar para hacerte un nombre por ti mismo.

Ahora el proceso ¡¡¡ESA GRAN PARTE!!!
Esta mujer entiende el proceso por el que estás pasando para volverte éxitos. Ella entiende y respeta tu proceso porque ella pasó por lo mismo. Esta mujer quiere ser exitosa tanto como tú. Esta mujer quiere a alguien dispuesta a compartir el mundo y no solo la mitad de los ingresos de un hogar o el premio que debe mostrar en cada fiesta.
Ella aprecia todo el trabajo que estás poniendo para llegar a donde quieres. No solo eso, ofrece soluciones, ideas, estrategias para ayudarte a llegar ahí y la cosa más importante: ella te da el espacio que necesitas para trabajar en tus cosas. Ella dice “Bebé, estoy ocupada también, haz lo que tengas que hacer y estaremos juntos cuando este resuelto” No hay subtexto pasivo-agresivo, nada que te distraiga. Ella no necesita atención 24/7, está perfectamente bien solo escuchando las divagaciones de tu día ya sean problemas o triunfos.
Eso te da espacio para hacer crecer tu relacione hasta el punto en que ambos puedan trabajar en el desarrollo personal de cada uno, incluso florecer como personas. Esto lo hace la mejor animadora del mundo pero dotada con la sabiduría necesaria.
Mis amigos siempre dicen “solo piensa en todas las chicas que tendrás una vez te vuelvas súper exitoso” Ellos dirán que te vuelvas un monje dedicado al trabajo y que no podrás lograr todo hasta que hayas hecho tu fortuna o logrado algún nivel de notoriedad que incremente tu valor en el mercado de las citas. Pero discrepo, no creo que debas renunciar a las mujeres solo porque a duras penas puedas pagar una cena decente o comprarles una bebida en el bar.
Debes encontrar a la mujer que te ame por quien eres ahora, te respete y admire por la persona en que estás tratando de convertirte. Tu no quieres una chica que solo conozca la versión refinada y pulida de ti después de haber pasado por todo el sudor, sangre y lágrimas que significó eso.
Encuentra una mujer que esté dispuesta a hacer el viaje contigo. El tipo de mujer que estará a tu lado cuando alcances tus metas. Cuando revises tu lista de quehacer y mientras luchas cada día para ser el tipo correcto de hombre. Encuentra al tipo de mujer que te amará cuando estés alrededor del precipicio y te motive a ser la mejor versión de ti mismo, por aquella mujer que estará contigo a través del tiempo, ella es el tipo más especial de mujer.

Este post es una traducción a manos del usuario Noat. El autor original es Jaime Rea publicado originalmente en la página "The Good Men Project" el 2 de noviembre del 2015. El link aquí y créditos al autor:

Si este post tiene repercusión haré mas traducciones de está pagina a futuro
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2020.07.13 15:37 Cobalt_721 The Alchemist's Toolbox 91: Cordelia!

A Link to the Index:
Welcome to the 91st Alchemist's Toolbox review!
Today we're heading to Lustburg to take a look at an often-overlooked Wind unit with a lot of potential. So without further ado, here's the next unit for review: Cordelia!
Cordelia is a woman from Lustburg who enjoys nighttime walks and is unfortunately rumored to be a vampire. Let's see what she can do as a unit, shall we?
Personal Investment:
I've got Cordelia at 5/5/3/5/5 Enlightenment with all her jobs mastered (all JEs mastered, Valkyrie JE enhanced). She's a strong member of my Wind roster.
Cordelia is a Wind unit, which means she's strong against Thunder and weak against Fire. Compared to a Light or Dark unit with the same stats and jobs, she would be better defensively and worse offensively.
  • Lance-Wielding Bulky Physical Damage-Dealer (Valkyrie/Fallen Valkyrie): Comparing to other Valkyries, Cordelia competes with Acht, Disgaea Almira, Mocca, and Saber, and fortunately for Cordelia all of those competitors prefer different roles, which leaves her largely uncontested.
  • Physical Damage-Dealer (Martial Artist/Holy Brawler [Fudo]): Comparing to other Martial Artists/Holy Brawlers, Cordelia competes with Cita, Edward, Envy, Hayate, Kazahaya, Leoniaz, Lucian, Reiner, Setsuna, Silma, and Yomi for this role, with Edward, Envy, Hayate, Leoniaz, Reiner, Setsuna, and Yomi preferring different roles. Comparing to the remaining competitors, Cordelia beats Cita in speed and sustained damage while losing to her in bulk and burst damage, beats Kazahaya in damage and bulk while tying with him in speed and losing to him in mobility, beats Lucian in sustained damage and magic bulk while roughly tying with him in physical bulk and losing to him in speed, burst damage, and mobility, and beats Silma in damage while losing to her in bulk and speed. Factoring in the 1st 3 Gates of Enlightenment, she now beats Kazahaya in speed, and factoring in 5 Gates of Enlightenment, her comparisons to Cita and Silma remain the same, and she now beats Lucian in physical bulk as well.
  • Physical Damage-Dealer (Dark CavalieDark Cavalier [Espion]): Cordelia prefers to run both of her other jobs over this one, so a full comparison won't be necessary. And since no other Wind unit that has the Dark Cavalier job prefers it as a main, a frame-of-reference comparison is somewhat pointless.
Leader Skill:
+30% Pierce damage and +20% HP for Wind units. A good Leader Skill for a Wind Pierce team, but too niche to be used anywhere else.
Cordelia's 3 jobs are Valkyrie, Martial Artist, and Dark Cavalier, with the Fallen JE for Valkyrie, the Holy Brawler [Fudo] JE replacing Martial Artist, and the Espion JE for Dark Cavalier.
Valkyrie is a sort of physically-bulky lance-using physical damage-dealer job that focuses on dealing Light damage and self-buffing. It has an AoE PAtk/MAtk debuff that raises the user's PAtk; an AoE Light damage skill that raises the user's PDef; a self-based AoE Light damage skill that raises the user's MDef; a penetrating straight-line ranged Light damage skill that raises the user's Elemental Res (all elements) and deals bonus damage against Demon type enemies; a PAtk/agility self-buff; a spear-range penetrating Light damage skill that raises the user's Dark Res; and a ranged single-target Light damage skill that raises the user's Move (of note is that unlike Valkyrie's other damage skills, which are Pierce damage, this skill is typeless damage). Its reactive is a spear-range penetrating counter, and its passive boosts HP and PDef. Fallen Valkyrie removes the MDef self-buff from Holy Armor - Gendur while also causing it to deal more damage to Dark enemies; adds a self status cure/prevention to Skuld's Foresight and causes it to turn into a teleport + self-based AoE Light damage skill that deals bonus damage to Dark enemies for the turn after it's used; Adds Jump Res to Barrier of Einherjar; and adds a new reactive that's a high chance to reduce Pierce and Jump damage.
Martial Artist is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on high burst damage. It has a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Paralysis; a straight line ranged damage skill; a melee-range AoE damage skill that reduces the CT of those hit; a melee damage skill that inflicts Bind and Daze; a melee damage skill that deals bonus damage to Human type enemies (and unlike the rest of Martial Artist's skills uses purely PAtk for the damage formula); a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Stun; a weak melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Blindness; a PAtk self-buff; a self status cure; and a self-based AoE damage skill. Its reactive is a chance to perform a melee counter, and its passives boost HP and Strike damage respectively. The Fudo JE upgrades this to the Holy Brawler job.
Holy Brawler is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on high burst damage. It has a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Paralysis, a straight-line ranged damage skill, a melee-range AoE damage skill that reduces the CT of those hit, a melee damage skill that inflicts Death Sentence, a melee damage skill that inflicts Bind and Daze, an extremely powerful melee damage skill that deals bonus damage to Human-type enemies and uses pure PAtk for damage (as opposed to the standard Holy Brawler damage formula that uses PAtk, Dex, and agility in varying portions), a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Stun, a weak melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Blindness, a PAtk self-buff, a PDef self-buff, a self-based AoE status cure, and a self-based AoE damage skill. Its reactive is a melee counter, and its passives boost HP, boost Guts, and boost Strike damage respectively. Holy Brawler [Fudo] boosts the damage of Focused Palm and causes it to deal more damage the lower the user's current HP is while also giving it a cast time and increasing its jewel cost, adds a new skill that gives the user a one-time guaranteed Guts, boosts the damage of Cross-Counter and causes it to deal damage the lower the user's current HP is, and adds a new passive that greatly boosts PAtk when below 25% HP.
Dark Cavalier is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on dealing Dark damage and damage at the cost of HP. It has a weak melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Death Sentence, an AoE Dark damage skill, a self-based AoE Dark damage skill that consumes a portion of the user's HP, an AoE Dark damage skill that consumes a portion of the user's HP and deals more damage the more fallen allies there are, a melee damage skill that boosts the user's PAtk/MAtk, lowers the user's PDef/MDef, and inflicts Berserk on the user, a skill that drains the target's HP, a skill that drains the target's jewels, a PAtk/Crit self-buff that also lowers the user's PDef/MDef, and a melee-range AoE damage skill that gets stronger the lower the user's current HP is compared to their max HP. Its reactive is a chance to counter with a chance to self-inflict Berserk, and its passives boost PAtk/MAtk while lowering PDef/MDef and boost HP while lowering HP costs respectively. Dark Cavalier [Espion] adds a Move buff to Charge and replaces the HP boost from Pitch-Black Blood Line with an agility/evasion boost.
Master Ability:
+50 PAtk, +20 agility, and +40 Initial Jewels. An absolutely fantastic MA for a physical damage-dealer with access to Sharpening Focus.
Cordelia's stats support a fast, somewhat bulky unit with good damage. All stats are at the usual Master Ability benchmark (level 80, all jobs mastered, main job enhanced, MA unlocked), and Dark CavalieEspion main won't be shown since Cordelia prefers both her other jobs. Table Key: AoE = Armor of Einherjar, IB = Iron Body, OD = Overdrive
Stat Fallen Vakyrie Holy Brawler [Fudo]
HP (NP) 2350 2482
HP (AoE) 2546 2689
HP (IB) 2742 2895
HP (AoE + IB) 2938 3102
PAtk (NP) 582 541
PAtk (OD) 833 775
PDef (NP) 282 237
PDef (AoE) 324 272
PDef (OD) 214 180
PDef (AoE + OD) 255 215
Dex 303 287
Agility 139 144
Cordelia has the current maximum of 5 Gates of Enlightenment.
  • Her Gate 1 boosts HP, PAtk, MAtk, and agility while leveling, and boosts HP, PAtk, and Crit when maxed.
  • Her Gate 2 boosts PDef, MDef, Crit, and hitrate while leveling, and upgrades Overdrive to +15% HP, +60% PAtk, +50% MAtk, -25% PDef, and -25% MDef (previous effect of +50% PAtk, +50% MAtk, -25% PDef, and -25% MDef) when maxed.
  • Her Gate 3 boosts HP, Dex, agility, and evasion while leveling, and upgrades her Leader Skill to +20% Pierce damage, +20% All damage, and +30% HP for Wind units when maxed.
  • Her Gate 4 boosts HP, PDef, MDef, and hitrate while leveling, and boosts HP, PAtk, Dex, damage against Greed type enemies, and damage against Lust type enemies when maxed.
  • Her Gate 5 boosts HP, PDef, MDef, agility, and Crit while leveling, and boosts the damage of Battle Spear - Brunhilde while also boosting the potency of its Elemental Res buffs and adding a Pierce damage self-buff to it; boosts the damage of Dark Bringer while also giving it bonus damage against Light enemies; and boosts the damage, AoE, and CT reduction of Exploding Palm when maxed.
Recommended Enlightenment: Cordelia's best Enlightenment setup is either 5/2/3/5/5 or 5/5/3/5/5 depending on how much you value her Gate 2's upgrade. Other options include level 5 Gate 3 if you really want the Leader Skill for a Wind Pierce damage team, and level 4 Gate 4 if you want to save Gate 4/5 resources. For simplicity's sake, the Enlightenment stats section will assume a 5/5/3/5/5 setup.
Enlightenment Stats:
Since Cordelia already had solid stats before Enlightenment, her Enlightenment just brings them to even better levels. All stats assume level 95 with the recommended Enlightenment setup of 5/5/3/5/5. All other assumptions are the same as the regular stats section. Table Key Changes: OD -> AV = Alleged Vampire
Stat Fallen Vakyrie Holy Brawler [Fudo]
HP (NP) 4217 4365
HP (AoE or AV) 4568 4728
HP (IB or AoE + AV) 4920 5092
HP (AoE/AV + IB) 5271 5456
PAtk (NP) 685 644
PAtk (AV) 1040 978
PDef (NP) 408 361
PDef (AoE) 468 414
PDef (AV) 308 273
PDef (AoE + AV) 368 326
Dex 352 335
Agility 151 156
Example Builds:
Rumored Vampire of Lustburg
  • Main Job: Fallen Valkyrie
  • Sub Job: Fallen Valkyrie (sustained damage)/Holy Brawler [Fudo] (burst damage)/Dark Cavalier [Espion] (Phantom Assault)
  • Reactive: Revenge of Odin
  • Passive 1: Overdrive {Alleged Vampire}
  • Passive 2: Armor of Einherjar (bulk/mitigation of Overdrive's PDef drop)/Iron Body (pure HP bulk)
Cordelia's Valkyrie build. Sub is dependent on needs, while Revenge of Odin is Cordelia's best reactive, and Overdrive/Alleged Vampire is basically mandatory for the damage. The last passive is a choice between her 2 survivability options based on whether you want more HP or a way to mitigate Overdrive/Alleged Vampire's PDef drop. Basic strategy is to hit enemies hard and use whichever sub you picked as necessary.
Moonlit Stroll Gone Awry
  • Main Job: Holy Brawler [Fudo]
  • Sub Job: Holy Brawler [Fudo]
  • Reactive: Revenge of Odin
  • Passive 1: Overdrive {Alleged Vampire}
  • Passive 2: Armor of Einherjar (bulk/mitigation of Overdrive's PDef drop)/Iron Body (pure HP bulk)/Strike Mastery +2 (damage)
Cordelia's Holy Brawler build. Holy Brawler sub is almost always the best sub to go with Holy Brawler main, Revenge of Odin is still Cordelia's best reactive, and Overdrive/Alleged Vampire is again basically mandatory for the damage. Strike Mastery +2 is added to passive options this time since Holy Brawler main can actually use it. Basic strategy is to hit enemies hard and use the 1-2 punch of Sharpening Focus -> Supreme Battle Trance to nuke things.
My Preferred Build:
I prefer Rumored Vampire of Lustburg since spear-range is always nice to fight from, but Cordelia can be run as a Holy Brawler just fine if you want to use her that way.
Gear Recommendations:
Armor and Accessories: Any HP or agility boosting gear, Colosseum Medal (agility, Pierce damage, snowball passive Weapon Ability, Valkyrie/Fallen JE only), Dragon-God Battledress (HP, Pierce damage self-buff WA)
Valkyrie/Fallen Valkyrie: Forcas Hell Lance (agility, farmable during PotK collab), Mellow Lance (solid stats), Stoss Spear (HP, farmable during FFXV collab), Valhalla Lance (best overall stats, HP), Valkyrie's Spear (Pierce damage, solid WA)
Martial Artist/Holy Brawler [Fudo]: Crimson Cestus (solid stats, agility), Dragonhead Gauntlet (Quicken chance, best stats if you have a separate agility gear), Haas Family Gauntlets (best overall stats, agility), Muspell (farmable during Disgaea collab, HP)
Memento Recommendations:
Cordelia's best Memento is Summer Beach Lessons. This Memento boosts her Dex and HP, both of which are really nice for Holy Brawler main and the latter of which is good regardless of her job.
A decent one for Cordelia's Holy Brawler main is Alma's Laughing, but... due to the Strike damage Lustburg Group Skill.
If you don't have either of those, go for the best HP, PAtk, Dex (HB main only), or agility boost that you can get, prioritizing Lustburg Group Skills.
Lastly, Burning Desert Vow gets special mention for having an unrestricted (at least for use) Wind damage skill as a Vision Ability, which can potentially be helpful in situations where enemies have amped-up resistances to elements other than Wind.
Cordelia is currently up-to-date compared to JP.
Overall Asessment:
Cordelia's a quite good unit. If you're lacking in Pierce damage-dealers, she can be a great addition to your toolbox.
And that's the review! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!
Make sure to let me know which of the following units you want me to review next:
Bud, Carla, Itsuki, Lakina, Meily, Natalie
Or choose one of the revisit options below!
Annerose, Flamel, Suzuka
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2020.06.25 06:25 jst4reddit A Monyet Sees: Daulat vs The Room vs House of Cards(ish)

A Monyet Sees: Daulat vs The Room vs House of Cards(ish)
IMPORTANT EDIT: Forget what I said about Daulat being watchable. Watch Babi! by HOOQ instead, goddamn that is some brilliant stuff! Watch it if you can get over the low budget but be prepared to wish that was a series you can watch right now.
It happened again. After the disastrously absurd Cupid Co, iFlix has once again shown something that inspired so much passionate rage within my soul. It is with my infinite displeasure optimism that I must introduce Daulat, a political thriller so atrociously bad, that I had to pause several times just to process my abject shock and disbelief (also to take note of the myriad of names that get bounced around). The idea that people actually think that Daulat represents a step forward for Malaysian filmmaking is absolutely ridiculous, and clearly shows that we as an audience have just not seen any good Malaysian movies. It’s a House of Cards sham, with all of the cliches but none of the logic and even less common sense.
So once again if you're not used to one of these, this is an especially long one because I love Daulat as much as I hate it, and it took me a while to properly condense my thoughts. For those of you who believe this represents a step forward in Malaysian filmmaking, take a gander and let me show you why you're wrong.
TLDR Fantastically produced with a superb premise, Daulat is RUINED by piss poor directing, yet a must see for Malaysians for its sheer comedic value. So why watch something good, when you can watch something Malaysian?
I feel almost dirty for putting House of Cards next to these
Daulat's story is a hot mess. It's barely explained yet assumes a lot from the audience in terms of out of movie knowledge, none of which is even used effectively. It's a movie that pats itself on the back for daring to cover Malaysia’s political ministrations in the most contrived of ways, yet fails to show any real bite when it comes to actual themes, social critique or commentary. But how is that even possible? How does one make a political movie that addresses none of the political problems within the system nor the societal context that enables it? Daulat that’s how.
I can see why FINAS wouldn’t stand behind this movie, not so much for its political portrayals but because this ‘movie’ is a clown fiesta. Scenes are resolved with no subtlety or common sense, and are sometimes not even explained until much later, for all the wrong reasons. Characters are introduced and summarily tossed away, and even the characters you like just do the stupidest things for the sake of drama. As a final insult, the last scene dared to mimic House of Cards by having a character speak directly to camera, but with zero significance or threat behind the words.
To be effective or inefficient is the right inquisition??... WHO WRITES LIKE THIS????
So no, I refuse to compare this to House of Cards, because such a comparison is meaningless. House of Cards is by far the superior show, marred as it is by Kevin Spacey’s misconduct. To compare this to House of Cards would be like comparing an actual house of cards to a stone castle; a flimsy hole-ridden mess of a structure to a standing monument of magnificence.
One day perhaps, we will finally make something comparable. It's not this day.
No, I will compare this to The Room. No, not Room with Brie Larson), but The Room by Tommy Wiseau. It’s one of my favorite guilty-pleasure movies and an absolute must see. Now you might ask, what on Earth does Daulat and The Room have in common? Well upon reflection, a lot actually. Both movies were made with a lot of heart, with definite passion oozing from every frame. Both movies certainly did not intend to be comedic, but are actually hilarious upon watching. Both movies have characters that speak with some weird accents, and bizarre performances by the actors/actresses. Both also share a loosely strung together story, barely explained and unnecessary characters and laughable scenes that just end, expecting the audience to just accept the logic as it is. They’re both shockingly awful in the best way possible, and boy let me tell you Daulat is an absolute cringe to watch in the wrong mindset.
Like try taking the movie seriously. In the first 5 minutes, there is a scene where they just sit down and play chess while going over their plans despite having just lost an election. Like what the actual fuck? Who does that?? See, a metaphor like this is usually easy to swallow, but the movie plays it so unironically straight, it’s preposterous.
Are we to believe this is something normal human beings do after having suffered a staggering defeat?? It plays out like some supervillains scheming from the golden age of comics and that’s when it hits you... You slowly come to the realization that despite such a somber and serious tone, this movie must actually a comedy, that the scene is a joke, and then you laugh at the pure absurdity of it. Comedy gold.
MUNA unite! Conduct evil! Heheheheheh!
So what's Daulat, and why can't I just take it seriously? (Spoiler Free)
Daulat has a plot so convoluted I had to go through 3 rewrites just to figure out how to piece together this mess. To preface, I won't comment on the alleged political symbolism or coincidences, but will fully judge this 'movie' on it's merits as such.
Succinctly, Daulat attempts to weave three storylines-
Hassan & Suri (MUNA)
Hassan played by Tony Eusoff and Suri played by Vanidah Imran
Hassan & Suri are the leaders of MUNA which has just lost the election because of complacency and Hassan's corruption scandal. They go on to discuss their ‘political maneuverings’ to reaccrue power for MUNA, and plan to do this by getting the rural vote, creating a liberal party and dividing the opposition. They achieve this by having a backdoor meeting (singular) and then leaking news about a potential collaboration between them and HM, the dominantly Islamic party. Let it be known Suri is not married to Hassan but to Idrus, a fact that is not apparent until like 20 minutes into the movie. Hassan also has a daughter, Nadiya who is in Media Raya.
Then, because the plot needs to happen, Suri invokes Median Voter Theorem like it’s some kind of deus ex machina, and the movie barely shows how it's even relevant to the political scene. But who cares because poof! they get votes, and we got to get this show on the road.
Idrus & Nadiya (Media Raya)
Nadiya played by Cristina Suzzane and Idrus played by Rashidi Ishak
Idrus and Nadiya are what I can only assume are majority shareholders in Media Raya, a news organization that needs to pivot to an online streaming news portal to keep up with the times. They need capital to do so, and so Nadiya gets some of it from her daddy (Hassan), and the rest of it from an angel investor named Ramzi. Nevermind how they came to this sum or it would be spent on, Nadiya just needs the money okay. It's important to the plot.
The portal then gets shut down for sedition despite having done nothing in the movie (I guess that’s realistic) and Nadiya can’t pay back the loan because of it. Don't you dare ask how much time passes, there isn't enough runtime to establish that. So Ramzi understandably demands his money back, and shenanigans happen. There’s also the minor sub plot of rival Jason who randomly offers to buy them out, and Weird Guy (WG) who planted cameras in their bedroom, despite being aware of CCTV having recorded him being there? I don’t fucking know, we got to keep the story going!
How is this a line for a shady character???
Jasmin (Reporter for Media Raya/Ho)
Jasmin played by Jasmine Suraya
Jasmin has a dad who is sick. He needs money for surgery. What surgery? How dare you ask that, the man is dying! All you need to know is that the doctors told her it costs RM100k. She decides to sleep with Idrus in order to get the position of GM to pay for the surgery. She then becomes the GM despite having worked at Media Raya for only 6 months, and despite being GM, still goes on the ground to take statements from ministers, and write articles?? Leading by literal example I see. The dad recovers. She develops feelings for Idrus for no reason whatsoever. Oh did I mention she has an obnoxiously loud colleague?
To go deeper into the plot is hysterical, so that’s all I can surmise for you to understand the basics of Daulat. Just know that Jasmin is either the best or worst part of the movie, depending on whether you see it as a comedy or political thriller.
Daulat oh Daulat...
That said, you are drawn by strong performances from Vanida Imran as Suri and Sangeeta Krishnasamy as Melissa. These two are easily the most compelling out of the entire cast of jokers characters, with a special mention to Suri in particular despite also having some of the cringiest scenes in the movie. Melissa also exudes charisma, but is very unfortunately only present in limited scenes despite stealing every one that she appears in. The script through these two characters reveal glimpses at brilliance, and is probably the only thing that stops me from saying that the script is garbage. The cinematography as well is spot on stellar, with some vivid imagery as well as some great production design, lending Daulat a visual extravagance that feels almost out of place when paired with the actual content.
Sangeeta Krishnasamy as Melissa is extremely good
But perhaps the words ‘attempt to weave three storylines’ is a bit strong of an insinuation, as that would imply that the characters contribute to each other’s plots in a meaningful way. They do not. They are at best minor inconveniences to one another, and at worst a deus ex machina to wrap up scenes because, fuck it why not? The show must go on, and fuck me if I expected any sort of character progression or arc.
I mean take a look at Jasmin’s dad. His literal existence in the movie is to be sick, and get better. At no point, does he establish nor reinforce any character traits or progression for Jasmin. At most, he is the motivating factor for Jasmin to get money, but the movie doesn't seem even remotely interested in going any deeper than 'father is ill', so neither should you. There's no scene where he's explaining the realities of being Chinese in Malaysia, no scene where he challenges her principles, no scene where he even asks where she gets all that money from. Seriously??
Her loud colleague Aimi on the other hand, his literal existence is for exposition & comic relief. Actually scratch exposition, as that entails that he progresses or explains the plot, neither of which he does not. So you might think, okay you know clearly he's portrayed as the stereotypical flamboyant soft male. Maybe at some point he gets beaten, harassed, or used as a tool for the political machine. Maybe he even gets to challenge the audience's expectations as the flamboyant character! But no no didn't I tell you that Daulat is a comedy? Why would you expect any different? He's just there to lighten the mood, jeez dial your expectations way back. Ni kan cita Malaysia?
Gurrrrrrlllll, I'm such an unnecessary character!
Seriously though, instead of barebone basics like character introductions & progression or even basic timeline acknowledgement, we get these two poor excuses for characters for no reason at all. What a joke.
So how about The Room?
The Room is like that accident you see on the roadside. It’s shocking and horrific, and watching it, you only get more questions than you will ever get answers. You also know that you shouldn’t be watching it, but you just can’t help it. It’s a flaming wreck that inspires awe for all the wrong reasons, yet it’s also probably the most memorable thing you will see that day. It’s a romantic drama film, written & directed by the ever enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, who only adds to its mysterious charm and allure. To watch The Room is to watch the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies; so tragic is it’s execution it becomes a majesty to behold.
I did naht hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit! I did not hit her, I did nahhht. Oh hi Mark.
It’s that film you may have inadvertently already seen snippets of, between the many videos you may have encountered online. You will also be surprised to know that The Room has quite a star studded fan base, from JJ Abrams to James Franco, the latter of whom made The Disaster Artist, one of the best films of 2017. Despite being a behind-the-scenes portrayal of one of the worst movies ever made, The Disaster Artist even got an Oscar nomination, and I guess a similar comparison would be if the behind-the-scenes video for Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit got an Oscar nomination. Such is the power and mystery behind The Room, but let there be no mistake, The Room is a piece of shit film, but one that you can’t help but watch because it’s such a trainwreck.
The movie revolves around Johnny (Tommy Wiseau), his fiancee Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero), and a love triangle of sorts. What ensues is scene after scene of bizarre narrative technique, rife with continuity and technical errors that pertains throughout the entire movie. There isn’t much to say about the plot as there is barely one, and you go through an absolute roller-coaster of emotions watching this. At first you get insulted that you’re watching this garbage fest, but slowly, you get amazed. After all, how can a movie that makes every mistake in the span of 99 minutes, still retain so much heart? What was the director thinking? Who is the director even? Then you look him up and before you know it, you're enthralled with the mystery of it all and recommending this movie to everyone as the worst most entertaining movie you'll ever see.
An actual scene from the movie.
If you haven’t seen The Room, know that it’s a testament to the human drive and the filmmakers dream to forge on in spite of everyone telling you it’s crap. It’s a monument to the unbelievable things human beings can do when their mind is set, for better or worse and any aspiring filmmaker must definitely see it, as a movie that spectacularly gets everything wrong and is wildly entertaining for doing so. You want an experience? Watch it with your friends and have a raucous laugh.
Comparing Apples to Apples
So I bring up The Room because watching Daulat inspired the same emotions I had watching the worst movie ever made. You watch Daulat and at first you are truly disappointed, maybe even repulsed. Here we had the chance for a serious political movie to show or comment on the social inequities that drive politicians to act and say the things they do, but it only ever scratches the surface. As you watch, your brain is inundated with ever more questions of 'Why?', 'Who?', 'What?' and 'How?!' and the frustration mounts as you watch some of the most gorgeous shots get betrayed by the absolute piss that is the directing.
Look at that absolutely gorgeous shot for absolutely no reason
This comparison between these two very unlikely movies began when I started to notice striking similarities in how plots are introduced but never really resolved, and how there are unnecessary characters introduced only to be summarily discarded. There's Jasmin's father as one example, but two other such examples are
Aimi vs Peter
Dayumm gurl, I'm so unnecessary!
So Aimi is Jasmin's colleague. All he does is loudly (and obnoxiously) announce her motivations and plot, even though this is not needed as the audience already knows this from the fact that her father is sick. At one point, Aimi even gets to provide a little background into Jasmin's career, but this information is not even relevant to the story nor her character. Like okay, she's new to the company, but she gets what she wants anyway. In fact when she's wrestling with the moral dilemma of being a mistress to Idrus, Aimi just straight up disappears for the movie even though his role would have been perfect to explore the ramifications of cheating on Jasmin's character. Peter on the hand is randomly introduced, never shows up again after a few scenes YET manages to be a conduit for Johnny to express his feelings while also deducing that Mark is seeing Lisa, angering him thus building upon Mark's character. I never thought I would type these words, but Peter from The Room is a better minor character than Aimi is in this movie.
Ramzi vs The Drug Dealer
A gentleman on one hand and drug dealer on the other.
So The Room has this character of a drug dealer, who asks for money from Denny for drugs. He literally shows up, threatens Denny and is chased away quickly, and that’s all we ever get to see of this plot and character. Ramzi on the other hand is set up as this angel investor Nadiya needs to talk to in order to get money to fund Media Raya’s new streaming initiative. He’s insinuated as this shady character, but as he does nothing remotely illegal in this movie he’s more like an investor who is understandably fed up with people not paying money back. So when Nadiya receives some pictures of her kid, it’s implied that Ramzi sent these pictures. But this can’t be, as the movie shows Ramzi doing nothing illegal, going as far as to paint him a gentleman?? He even bothers to send solicitor letters for crying out loud!! What?!
He is eventually shot and killed by Hassan after they talk for like 1 minute, for refusing a deal of repayment despite this making more than double his investment. What?! This is actually pivotal, as this murder provides Suri with the video evidence to make Hassan step down from MUNA. Because we have no idea how much time has passed, I just have to assume this all just happens in at most months (no character appearances change that much), which all the more reinforces the fact that it's an extremely reasonable deal?! What businessman wouldn't take that kind of deal?! Ah wait you must mean Suri got to him and pulled some expensive strings! But where is that scene in the movie??
The biggest gap in logic is that Hassan had a bodyguard right there, yet didn’t ask him to do the shooting for him?? (Uh, kinda reminds you of a certain incident anyone???) And yet when he asks the bodyguard to settle the body, the bodyguard does not strip it of all identification and valuables thus not finding the camera???? (I guess the incompetence is also eerily accurate) What the actual fuck is going on? How can anyone take this movie seriously? It's a goddamn tragedy comedy.
Chris G as unnecessary as he is at least has less room for error because he just shows up. In comparison, look at all these plot holes Ramzi leaves behind! Could they not just have engineered a different scenario to entrap Hassan in?? Honestly, Ramzi as a character is completely unnecessary, and should have been combined with Jason to make one character instead, Ramzi the angel investor. God fucking dammit.
And from apples come oranges
But like The Room the magical happens. You just can't stop watching. Your mind works overtime as it searches the heavens & the stars for any rational reasoning as to how something this well produced can lack so much logic.
Did I judge Daulat too harshly?
Is the raw ineptitude perhaps a sly commentary on the idea that yes, our political scene is a shitshow and even attempting to portray it realistically makes zero sense? Is this perhaps even some advanced propaganda that the previous government funded? After all MUNA comes out so positively in this. Perhaps it's some kind of meta commentary that perhaps because Malaysians are so incompetent the movie is but a reflection of reality? Or maybe it's some next level parody, hilarious because that's just the Malaysian way of doing things? After all Wawasan does nothing all movie except bitch and moan and infight, which is only too eerily accurate.
Unfortunately, no.
Then you remember stuff like House of Cards exists and reality slaps you like a ton of bricks. Daulat is terrible, terrible, terrible fan fiction. How is it that House of Cards is able to fit not only a character arc for Frank Underwood but to also have character introductions in their 1 hour pilot? House of Cards within the first 15 minutes is able to aptly show their 3 primary storylines while Daulat still hasn't shown that Suri and Idrus are married. Why, instead of subtly crafted dialogue does Daulat choose to instead have some ridiculous subplots with hidden cameras?? In fact, due to Wawasan's non presence, why even have an opposition to begin with?! In House of Cards the Republicans don't even really show up until Season 2, and look at how focused that made their story!
Daulat instead makes very serious yet feeble attempts to show you how Machiavellian politics can be, but truthfully when you watch it, what did MUNA (Suri by extension) actually do that warranted such symbolism? Suri got the news leaked about HM and MUNA coming together? Please. That she managed to force Melissa as her to create the liberal party? Cunning sure, but the scene plays it out as more common sense than anything (especially given how much charisma the character of Melissa is afforded). Oh! How about that Suri used voter median theorem to convince her board of directors to create the liberal party? Sigh.
Machiavellian implies cunning, unscrupulous behavior and a fastidious character that does what needs to be done in order to preserve one’s position of power. What Suri does in Daulat holds no candle to that kind of illegality, and neither does she do anything overtly manipulative given how much of a non-presence Wawasan has in this movie. The movie makes it seem as if you merely whisper some rumors and Wawasan tips over (which is quite accurate now that I think about it), but this makes Suri's struggle neither compelling nor Machiavellian. Honestly I’m a little insulted as the viewer that the director would presume this, much less shoot an entire scene where she pays him a homage.
In fact, Hassan is the more suited character to have him honor Machiavelli as he is revealed to have laundered money, with the implication that he used this money to make his daughter a majority shareholder in Media Raya. He is also the one who orchestrated the planting of the cameras and even pins the blame on Idrus, a stupid but cunning strategy to avert attention. Even funnier is the fact that Suri takes the bait despite Idrus planting the camera making absolutely no sense. Hassan's rivalry with Suri forces to him take the extra steps to preserve his power and to keep his family safe, and it's easily the most compelling relationship in the movie because of the back and forth. So how is Hassan not the guy honoring Machiavelli?? Where’s the logic?? In fact, wouldn't a great twist and triumph over symbolism would be to to show Hassan the worshipper of outdated Machiavellian politics be triumphed over new age pragmatism and intelligence through Suri?! What a wasted opportunity.
In Summary
I can even excuse poor plots and logic if at least the themes or symbolism is thought provoking, but Daulat clearly lacks balls. It constantly dances on the surface of complexity, instead of delving deeper to ask hard questions like: What is the public perception of Malays going to bars, or drinking at company events? Is it something we the general populace just accept? What about the treatment of people who are soft like Aimi? Are we just going to relegate such roles to being comic relief? What about medical bills and how the pressures challenge people to seek alternative treatment sometimes leading people to get conned into MLM medicines that are subsequently owned by politicians? Why not address these things instead of delving into some misguided attempt to show the 'real' machinations of Malaysia’s political machine? See if Daulat addressed the voting shenanigans before GE 18, that would have been brave and an actual portrayal of Machiavellian politics. That’s the brave movie I thought I was watching instead of this poor excuse for a political thriller.
If anything this shows that it's a step forward in audience expectations and producer risk-aversion while being a step backward in actual filmmaking.
Let me finish by saying this was apparently shot in 14 days on a budget of RM500k, which is a fantastic result. I’ve worked on movies that had twice the time and triple the budget yet couldn’t match the raw beauty of some of the shots in Daulat. No doubt many of the plot holes can be attributed to this short time and budget, so in spite of all my words I gotta say you gotta watch Daulat for its achievements in spite of such. I look forward to seeing more from Imran Sheikh, as works like this shows promise and encourages producers to take risks. But to reiterate, telemovie directing brings it all down, and let this movie serve as a lesson to why the director is one of the most important people on set.
I implore Malaysians to watch it, mostly because this is a movie that got so many things right yet ended up being a comedy of tragic proportions. Watch it because it looks beautiful, watch it because it does tackle Malaysian politics. Watch it because you can see the result of blood, sweat and tears when led too much by the heart but not enough mind. Finally watch it, because honestly, this is an extremely entertaining comedy, and while it may not be Malaysia's House of Cards, it is sure Malaysia's The Room.
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2020.06.09 01:19 born-to-ill Differences between the national cultures of the Americas and views of culture

I read a post in this sub earlier that brought this to mind. It was one of the many US Latino posts talking about how they were raised in the culture of their parents county.
I noticed a trend in US Latinos saying this, and US Americans in general saying that the US doesn’t have a culture or is an amalgamation of different cultures, and that we “represent” the world in cultures, and began thinking that this in a roundabout way, is something of a form of American exceptionalism. By that, I mean that people maintain that we’re unique because “only the US has such a wide variety of people of different cultures”; When, what I find in reality is all slightly different flavors of estadounidense.
Sociology understands culture as the languages, customs, beliefs, rules, arts, knowledge, and collective identities and memories developed by members of all social groups that make their social environments meaningful.
Some reduction of culture that I’ve seen Redditors engage in is reduction of it to culinary traditions, and language. (i.e. I always ate Mexican food at home so I’m Mexican or we spoke Spanish at home so I’m Latin American)
Speaking as someone who lived in the US and Mexico, as well as Japan and the UAE for a time, I find these viewpoints overly simplistic in viewing what culture is.
A typical child of Latinos living in the US, such as myself, is not exposed to a number of things even if they have close ties. (I know that I didn’t until I began attending school in Mexico)
Individualidad: Los americanos están motivados desde una edad temprana para ser independientes y desarrollar sus propios objetivos en la vida. No se les acostumbra a depender (demasiado) de otros, incluidos sus amigos, maestros o padres.
Arduo trabajo y logros: A los estadounidenses les encanta competir con ellos mismos y con los demás. Tienden a estar altamente orientados hacia el progreso y el éxito. Se sienten bien cuando rompen sus propios récords en la escuela, el atletismo u otro tipo de competencia académica o profesional.
Privacidad: A los estadounidenses les gusta la privacidad y disfrutan del tiempo a solas. Los visitantes de otros países encontrarán abiertas las oficinas y hogares de los estadounidenses, pero sus pensamientos se consideran privados.
En Estados Unidos, es inapropiado visitar a una persona sin avisarle de ante mano. Se puede considerar irrespetuoso a menos que sea una emergencia. No es aconsejable llamar a nadie por la noche, especialmente si hay niños en casa.
Igualdad: «Todos somos creados iguales» es un ideal estadounidense que casi todas las personas en Estados Unidos defienden y significa que todos en el país, tanto hombres como mujeres de todas las etnias y todos los grupos culturales, tienen los mismos derechos.
La falta de uso de un título que denota autoridad entre las personas en Estados Unidos es un ejemplo de igualdad. Los títulos, como «señor» y «señora» se usan rara vez. Es común llamar a gerentes, directores, presidentes e incluso maestros (profesores) por su primer nombre.
Tiempo: Llegar a tiempo es imperativo en Estados Unidos. Los estadounidenses se enorgullecen de ser puntuales y aprovechar al máximo su tiempo.
Puede ser en la escuela, el trabajo, las citas o la cena, llegar a tiempo es una señal de respetar el tiempo de otras personas. La mayoría de los estadounidenses se disculpará si llegan tarde a alguna parte.
Por ejemplo, en la escuela, se alienta a los estudiantes a llegar siempre a tiempo, y se les penaliza si llegan tarde a clases. También se espera que los maestros lleguen a tiempo. Los estudiantes en la mayoría de las universidades tienen permiso institucional para abandonar el aula si su instructor llega entre 15 y 20 minutos tarde.
Informalidad: El estilo de vida de los estadounidenses es generalmente informal, puedes ver a los estudiantes en clase vestidos con pantalones cortos y camisetas. Los instructores masculinos rara vez usan corbatas y algunos de ellos incluso pueden usar jeans. Las instructoras usan pantalones y zapatos cómodos para caminar.
Los saludos y las despedidas suelen ser breves, informales y amables. Los estudiantes pueden saludarse con un simple «Hola», «¿Cómo estás?» o «¿Qué pasa?». Las despedidas pueden ser tan breves como: «Nos vemos», «Tómatelo con calma» o «Ven en algún momento». Las amistades también son casuales; Los estadounidenses parecen comenzar y terminar fácilmente las amistades.
Now, this is a broad description, but I find it somewhat accurate. The kids that I see visiting from the US have some similar characteristics.
1.) Poor command of Spanish that they don’t realize. By this, I mean use of unintentional Spanglish, poor grammar, and weird phrasing. “No hace sentido.” “Haiga” “Ansina” or just straight up replacing the spanish phrase with English “los ‘incidental expenses’ instead of ‘los gastos imprevistos’” or even by the use of filler words like “uhhhhh” instead of “esteeee”
2.) Perceived rudeness: not addressing people properly, not using titles, deviating from expected social behavior. Like, doing business, it’s more appropriate for me, when meeting someone, to sit down and chat for a good while before discussion of what the meeting was for. Also being overly direct, asking someone “why were you late?” or direct airing of problems in front of people. Also goes for simply saying shit like “is the ice in drink you gave me safe to drink?” Like, yeah, they wouldn’t have given it to you if it was fucking poison.
3.) dressing like a slob: US Americans tend to wear athletic gear everywhere, even to dinner, and that’s not gonna cut it in a lot of places.
4.) challenge of authority: the teacher-student relationship is way different, in the US students like to challenge a teachers decision or complain directly, I don’t find that to be the case elsewhere.
5.) race: US has weird views on race, if you grew up here you probably Internalized it somewhat.
I see this particularly when talking about social issues. Or claiming that Latin America is racist for C, Y, or Z reasons.
Americans are accused of believing “Aren’t we great? Do as we do!” In reality, they are far more likely to say, “We think the American way is great; we assume you want to be like us, but, if you don’t, that’s really not our concern.”
All of this goes to my point that the US DOES have a very real national culture, and although you don’t see it when you live here, it’s pretty visible looking in from the outside. If you’ve been here long enough, you pick up a lot of these traits and behaviors, which go far beyond the “I eat tortillas so I’m not a gringo” viewpoints I see.
What are y’all’s thoughts on this? What cultural behaviors are unique to your countries?
Hofstede’s cultural dimensions is an interesting way to describe the differences, and how an individual might act in light of the culture they grew up in.,the-usa/
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2020.06.04 03:32 Beginning_Beginning Drug trafficking as a convenient excuse for intervention in Venezuela

I just saw an article here at the sub on the US offering 5MM USD for the Arrest of Venezuela’s Crypto Chief. A quote from that article:
Geoffrey Berman, district attorney, of New York, accused him last month of being part of a corrupt group of high-ranking Venezuelan officials – including President Nicolas Maduro – running a “narco-terrorism partnership” intent on flooding “the United States with cocaine in order to undermine the health and wellbeing of our nation.”
So, the theory is that Maduro wants to flood the US with cocaine and that the entire Venezuelan government is a huge drug-trafficking enterprise that supports this purpose. I think some people honestly believe that this is true. Perhaps others believe that there might or not be truth to the idea of the Venezuelan narco-state but still support the premise because it serves as a way to achieve foreign military intervention in the country. I won't even attempt to argue that the Venezuelan government does not engage in drug trafficking but only to present some sources that question a) the idea of Venezuela flooding the US with drugs; b) that neighboring countries like Colombia are trully concerned with drugs trafficking in general; and c) that the US government is truly concerned with drugs undermining the health and wellbeing of the nation.
Venezuela isn't flooding the US with drugs
Just today, Colombian political magazine Semana published a report titled "La principal ruta de la droga sigue siendo el Pacífico y no Venezuela" - "The main drug (trafficking) route continues to be the Pacific and not Venezuela"
El informe da cuatro datos reveladores. El primero es que para el año 2017, según los datos de instituciones de los Estados Unidos, el 85 % del tráfico de drogas fue marítimo, por lo cual se deduce que el 15 % fue aéreo. Pero del total del tráfico marítimo, el 70 % pasó por el Pacífico, lo que significa que el 30 % restante pasó por el mar Caribe.
Lo anterior indica que Venezuela no es la principal ruta de salida de la droga que se produce en Colombia. Además, en el informe se cita un reporte de la organización Wola, que dice que los datos de la Base de Datos Antidrogas Consolidada Interagencial (CCDB, por su sigla en inglés) de los EE. UU. muestran que los flujos de cocaína a través de Venezuela han disminuido desde su pico en 2017. Según los datos de CCDB, la cantidad de cocaína que fluye a través de Venezuela cayó un 13 por ciento de 2017 a 2018, y parecía continuar disminuyendo ligeramente hasta mediados de 2019.
So, not only is Colombia the main producer of cocaine and the US the main consumer, but Colombia also the main exporter by far. And not just that, Venezuela has actually been reducing cocaine traffic through it's territory for years.
If this wasn't enough, Colombia under Duque's presidency broke the dishonourable record of most coca plants cultivated area in its history: 212 thousand hectares in 2019.
Un tercer dato que trae el informe es que, según el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos, en 2019 Colombia llegó a la cifra más alta de cultivos de hoja de coca en su historia, con 212 mil hectáreas. En 2018 fueron 208 mil. Es decir, se produjo un leve aumento. De fondo, lo que existe es que aquella idea de que el aumento de los cultivos era producto de una mano blanda y que cuando el gobierno de Iván Duque llegara todo iba a cambiar, pero no fue así.
Neighboring governments aren't trully concerned with drugs traffick in general
Today, it was reported in Colombia that a woman named Maria Claudia Daza and known by the nickname "Cayita" held a first interrogation with prosecutors because she was recorded - as part of an investigation by Colombian intelligence services - talking to a famous drug trafficker known as Ñeñe Hernandez and proposing him to "pasar plata debajo de la mesa" - that is, to provide non-traceable funds to buy votes for then presidential candidate Ivan Duque in the northern coastal states.
Yesterday, General Raúl Antonio Rodríguez Arévalo droped out of the Colombian Army where he was acting as Chief of the Army Operations Staff because of his links to drug trafficker Ñeñe Hernandez.
In mid march an ambulance airplane that left Olaya Herrera airport (the urban airport in Medellin) crashed in Honduras full of drugs.
A couple of months ago the police found and incinerated a drug lab at a farm belonging the Colombia's ambassador in Uruguay - Fernando Sanclemente Alzate - capable of processing one ton of coke a month. The ambassador resigned to his post and returned to Colombia where he denied any wrongdoing.
I find it curious that his name came up last weekend on an investigative report by Daniel Coronel titled "El vuelo fatal" ("The fatal flight") -
Last week Coronell reminded Colombians that a young Alvaro Uribe sold an apartment back in the seventies to a guy named Israel Londoño Mejía - a drug trafficker who was the brother in law of Jorge Luis, Juan David and Fabio Ochoa Vásquez. The Ochoa brothers were, along with Pablo Escobar, the capos of the Medellin drug cartel. Uribe of course denied that they had a relationship beyond having met some time in college. But Coronell showed documents proving that less than a year later, Uribe - acting as chief of Aeronáutica Civil - authorized the import of a civilian helicopter for Israel Londoño. In September of 1983, the Minister of Justice of that time suspended the operation of 57 aircraft, including the aforementioned helicopter, because they actually belonged to drug cartels through a number of figureheads.
Years later somehow the helicopter ended up in the hands of an amnestied drug dealer named Luis Guillermo ‘Guillo’ Ángel who was close to the Ochoas back then, This helicopter had a fatal crash in 2006 in which a local politician by the name Pedro Juan Moreno Villa, who had a Secretary post for Uribe when he was governor but who had distanced himself from him during his presidency, died. Supposedly Moreno had information on Uribe's provided air logistics for a paramilitary incursion called the "Masacre del Aro". Several years later, the investigators of the case published a judiciary report stating that the most probable cause of the accident was criminal sabotage, however Uribe's Aeronautica Civil emited a preliminary report which shows a number of inconsistencies, detailed in Coronell's piece. This report was signed by its then chief Fernando Sanclemente Alzate, the same guy who's farm was found to host a coke lab just a couple of months ago.
You can read about Moreno's death from Corporación Nuevo Arco Iris -
I just mentioned some examples from the past days, but Colombia is rife with these "fortuitous" ocurrences and with almost daily instances of drug scandals that involve every instance of society. Colombia is the narco state par excellence. I'm sure there's plenty of people that has big interests in drug traffick flourishing, and probably through Venezuela too and not just the Pacific.
The US government isn't truly concerned either with drugs undermining the health and wellbeing of the nation
A couple of weeks ago I read a news article titled "Some Pa. Republicans are open to legalizing marijuana after coronavirus blew a hole in the budget: ‘It’s inevitable’"
All it took was an economic crisis for these people to go from "devil's lettuce is destroying America" to "let's make money from recreational marijuana". With that sort of willpower and commitment to the health and wellbeing of their nation. If we are being honest, it seems that US's focus on drugs is focused primarily on the economics of it. Again. if it was a matter of flooding the US with a drug that undermines the health and wellbeing of that nation, the Slackers would have all gone to jail a long time ago.
"The family behind OxyContin pocketed $10.7 billion from Purdue Pharma. Meet the Sacklers, who built their $13 billion fortune off the controversial opioid" -
And obviously, the focus of the cocaine crackdown wouldn't be the Venezuela but some of its neighbors, including but not limited to Colombia.
An afterword
I suspect that some of the people that read this post will be tempted to ignore all of my sources and comment on my defending of a criminal regime, etc. I wanted to add that I really don't have a problem with drugs themselves. As a matter of fact, I believe that countries should implement models of decriminalization and regularization of the production and distribution of drugs, which approach consumption as a matter of education and public health (and the dismantling of the structures of organized crime that are fueled by the punitive prohibition approach).
The war on drugs is a plague that must be dismantled. It is equally damaging be it that the president of Venezuela is Maduro or someone like Guaidó. If people do not agree with this view, at the very least I expect them to recognize some facts that run counter to the US-led information agenda.
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2020.05.23 11:34 coup85 [Magnet] España ya era el país más polarizado de Europa. El coronavirus sólo está agrandando la brecha.

[Magnet] España ya era el país más polarizado de Europa. El coronavirus sólo está agrandando la brecha.
Magnet - España ya era el país más polarizado de Europa. El coronavirus sólo está agrandando la brecha
¿Te irías de cañas con un afiliado de Vox? ¿O con un simpatizante de Podemos? Son preguntas en apariencia triviales bajo las que subyace uno de los principales problemas políticos de España: la polarización política. La crisis del coronavirus tan sólo ha exacerbado diferencias ideológicas y afectivas que, durante los últimos años, habían aumentado notablemente. Hasta el punto de colocarse a la cabeza de Europa.

Más rotos. Lo ilustra un trabajo elaborado por un grupo de investigadores especializados en la materia. A partir de 76 encuestas realizadas en 20 países entre 1996 y 2015, la investigación discierne en qué lugares la polarización, definida como la antipatía de un votante cualquiera hacia el resto de partidos del espectro político, es un problema mayor. España es con diferencia el primero de la lista, seguido de Grecia y Francia.

¿Por qué? El estudio atribuye a las condiciones económicas, y muy especialmente a los elevados niveles de desempleo, un rol crucial. Otras investigaciones (PDF) han vinculado la desigualdad con una mayor fractura política, afectiva e ideológica interna. La búsqueda de líderes fuertes, como Orbán en Hungría o Trump en Estados Unidos, estaría vinculada con el estrés producido por la desigualdad.
Sus votantes interpretarían que el orden establecido, el curso normal del país, se ha roto, decae. Y para arreglarlo votarían a políticos autoritarios.
Hay más. En España, el deterioro percibido de la economía se dirigiría contra la clase política. En el último CIS los españoles consideran a sus dirigentes como el segundo problema del país. La ruptura de la base electoral de PP y PSOE, los dos partidos históricamente hegemónicos, habría dado pie a una mayor polarización, sintetizada en alternativas políticas más extremas tanto a izquierda (Podemos) como a derecha (Vox).
Evolución. En el camino, nos habríamos radicalizado. A finales de 2019 el 15% de los españoles se ubicaba en posiciones extremas dentro de la escala ideológica, un porcentaje que duplicaba al de principios de la pasada década. La polarización encajona posturas, penaliza los acuerdos (percibidos como "traiciones", como la prórroga del Estado de Alarma votada por Cs) y bloquea el proceso legislativo. ¿Suena familiar?
Lo ilustra este gráfico de El Mundo.
📷A Flourish scatter chart
Bloques. Es algo que hemos experimentado durante el último ciclo electoral. Más partidos que nunca llegaron al Congreso. Pero también las líneas de "bloque" (izquierda vs. derecha) quedaron más definidas que nunca, sin espacios de entendimiento en el centro. Nos abocaríamos al tribalismo: arrullados en torno a identidades definidas y muy fuertes, las diferencias ideológicas saltarían a la esfera personal. No se trata simplemente de opiniones que difieren. Como explican aquí:
Nos agrupamos en torno a grupos que compiten entre sí en un juego de suma cero, donde la negociación y el compromiso se perciben como una traición, ya sean estos grupos políticos, raciales, económicos, religiosos, de género o generacionales.
Predicción. No es un fenómeno exclusivo de España. La polarización ha aumentado en todos los países, tan dispares como la India, Polonia o Francia. Estados Unidos sería el mejor ejemplo: es posible predecir con un alto grado de acierto las posiciones políticas de una persona en función de su renta, lugar de residencia, raza, género y edad. No se trata de adoptar tal o cual política, sino de nuestra propia identidad, nuestro yo.
El otro. En tales circunstancias, las diferencias ideológicas tornan en amenaza existencial. Así, una mayoría de votantes demócratas estadounidenses rechazaría expresamente tener una cita con un votante de Trump; y crisis como las del coronavirus se interpretarían de forma radicalmente distinta no en base a las propuestas, las medidas y las ideas, sino en torno a las líneas partidistas. Los míos vs. los suyos.
En ese sentido, los últimos tres meses en España no auguran grandes cambios a corto plazo.
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2020.05.20 01:27 BigCatsAreAwesome My stay in Gran Canaria, Spain

Ladies and Gentlemen, the super tree hugger presents a new episode of his travel documentary series. This time, I went further away from my home, so I chose Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands which belong to Spain, but not to the continent Eurasia (Europe and Asia are actually one continent), they belong to Africa. So this was the first time for me to stand on another continent, and that already at the age of 32 years. What? You are as young as you feel (or look). In this “documentary”, I’ll tell you about my experiences of my unusual far journey. Warning, this text may contain traces of hippie propaganda, daydreaming and satire.
It was the 24th of April 2019 early in the morning. The transfer taxi picked me up in my home Fieberbrunn (Tyrol, Austria) and brought me to the Munich airport. This wasn’t my first flight, so I wasn’t very nervous because of the security control. However, I secretly hoped that I didn’t somehow look suspicious and get listed in the CIA file of “traitors of the civilised West who summon the downfall of the occident”. As I arrived at the terminal and at the check-in, I went through the security control. The display behind the metal detector showed a warning sign on my shoulder and at my leg. I thought that they already got me by my balls and will label me as “Pagan-Satanic soup herbs witcher”. I have to admit that I had some nasty thoughts (let’s be honest, who hasn’t some nasty thoughts sometimes?), maybe it was because of that. The security man then scanned the two points on my body, but luckily he didn’t find anything suspicious. However, I hoped that I wasn’t secretly listed in “propaganda terror file”. I went on to the gate where I ate a snack and drank a bottle of water. I took a seat in the plane and watched it rolling. As the plane arrived at the runway, it got fast and furious and took off as elegant as the Englishmen in the After Eight TV spot. The flight went towards west over Switzerland and France where the sky was very cloudy. This must have been the rain period that arrived in my home country in the next days. Further west, I could see the Pyrenees, very fascinating. My eyes swelled up. The plane steered to the left, rocketing towards south west over Madrid in Spain and over Portugal. As I was over the Algarve coast, I left my home continent Eurasia and could see the wide Atlantic Ocean. North America was hidden far beyond the horizon. After some time, I could see the island Fuerteventura and the plane set to landing. I also could see Tenerife in the distance. The landing was quite wobbly due to the strong wind. The plane was downright dancing. After a flight time of 4 hours and 35 minutes, it put on the runway and slowed down. My country account got another entry by entering Spain (beside Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). As I got out of the plane, I knew that I just entered another continent: Africa. It was a fascinating feeling. I also experienced a mini jetlag because the Canary Islands are in another time zone, so the time here is one hour earlier than in my home.
After I grabbed my suitcase, a bus brought me to Maspalomas, also known as schnitzel, weißwurst and döner paradise. This place is also very popular among gays and lesbians, but I don’t have any problems with that. During the ride, I could see the majestic mountains, so my eyes swelled up. After I arrived in Maspalomas, I got into my apartment in the bungalow zone. On the balcony, I could watch the people at the pool, and this already in April. I even could sit on the balcony shirtless at midnight without freezing. The Canary Islands are located in the subtropical climate zone, but they aren’t far away from the tropical climate zone. They are on the same latitude like Florida, so the sun is slightly more intensive. During midday, the sun is near the zenith, so the own shadow is very short. The sun rocks hard, so a 50 spf sun milk is strongly recommended. I wasn’t interested of swimming in the pool because I find the sea more beautiful. Even though I’m Austrian, there’s nothing wrong with loving the sea. I already read comments like “A real Austrian shouldn’t vacation at the sea”. Arguments like this can easily get invalidated with this fun fact: Austria used to have a sea coast (Austro-Hungarian Empire).
So I went to the beach to watch the famous dunes of Maspalomas. At the lighthouse, I already could see the western part of the dunes. As I went up the first dune, there was a young man from Germany (Baden-Württemberg) who was also fascinated by the dunes. In the next days, I took a bath in the Atlantic Ocean and took a walk through the dunes. They are a true masterpiece of Mother Nature. The dune landscape was declared a nature reserve in 1987, otherwise it probably would have become a victim of the total building craze. We don’t need to cover everything with concrete, loungers and sun umbrellas, we should let nature be nature. In the evening, I mostly took a big walk through the dunes, it was very uplifting and I had a magical feeling. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be at such a beautiful place. This landscape is the most beautiful part of Maspalomas, along with the lagoon La Charca. The view at the mystic hinterland, I almost fainted because it was so utterly beautiful, it looked like the scenery of a fantasy movie. My eyes swelled up. I also was fascinated by the tide which is slightly higher here at the Atlantic Ocean than at the Mediterranean Sea. A black cat also crossed my path. Black cats aren’t bad luck, remember that at last. Maspalomas is actually a typical tourist ghetto, here you can buy Lügenpresse (the German word for lying newspaper which means fake news) and “futtern wie bei Muttern” (which means you can get the food of your home country). At the beach, there is a bar called Strand-Apo-Theke which constantly played Ballermann hit songs, so it was rather uninteresting to me because I don’t like this kind of music. I also wasn’t very interested at the Cita shopping centre because there was also this music coming out of it. After some weird creature wanted to give me some kind of card (very likely to be a fraudulent scam), the interest was completely gone. Sometimes, you just want to serve these sub-human cunts a fatty “Leave me the fuck alone!” with a spicy middle finger. So I like the dunes more because they are completely free of such slime critters.
At the Strand-Apo-Theke, you can get schnitzel, potato salad, weißwurst, meatballs and currywurst - like you’re at home. There are also many Chinese restaurants, pizzerias and a Burger King. I couldn’t let it be to taste the Canarian and Spanish cuisine. I ate papas arrugadas (potatoes cooked in saltwater with spicy mojo sauce, a Canarian specialty), Canarian galletas, shrimps in garlic sauce, gazpacho, garlic bread, farmers bread with olive oil and tomatoes, seafood paella, seafood soup, hake with mussels, tapas plate, jamón Serrano and fried squids. I also tried Canarian beer (Tropical and Dorada), Spanish beer (Estrella and Cruzcampo) and Sangría. Yes, you can get this food in Maspalomas, also known as the schnitzel, weißwurst and döner paradise. I also tried Canarian cheese and Guanchitos (Canarian ring cookies covered with chocolate). During buying milk, I had to be sure that it had 3,5 % grasas (Spanish for fat) because I don’t like low fat milk. I also don’t need that disgusting 0,1% fat yoghurt or skimmed cheese, especially on holidays. This whole diet and light grub is nothing more than artificial poor quality bullshit. I don’t know any other animal species that modifies its food so that it’s low fat, ergo tasteless. It’s sad that humans alienate more and more from nature. Everywhere you can read things like that you have to eat pizza with skimmed cheese instead of mozzarella, you have to eat tiramisu with low fat quark instead of mascarpone, otherwise you are “out”. One day we have to eat chemical pills, and natural food will be labeled as “unhealthy”, “fattening”, “Pagan” or “not compliant with the latest trends dictated by the almighty and omniscient brainwash media”.
While talking with people, there was multiculturalism 4 life because I talked with people from different countries. At the beach, I talked with a Swiss family about nature and the island Gran Canaria. They told me of a man at the beach who wanted to persuade them to book a trip. I told them that it’s a scam and that they shouldn’t do it because these sellers are shit ass creatures who want to persuade people to do a “free sightseeing trip” which is a merciless fraudulent scam. They sell poor quality crap with very expensive prices. They also rush people into signing an expensive time sharing contract which is useless (this remembers me of the South Park episode “Asspen” which shows the time sharing scam in a satirical way). One day at the beach, I ate a snack. There was a catchy reggaeton music coming out of the speakers and three middle-aged women celebrated this music. They were local people, they talked to me and asked where I’m from. When I answered, they said “Austria grande!” and we had a conversation about the sea and the island. They had a fiery temperament and happiness. This was kind of contagious to me. I’m actually a quite calm/phlegmatic person, but when I’m around people with an impulsive temperament, I get this temperament too. One of them had a tattoo of a contour of a cat on her leg. A cattoo! Hail kitties! The Feline Reich will rise! She told me that she loves fluffy kitties very much. I told her that I’m also a “crazy cat lover” and that there is a wild cat species roaming free in my home country Austria – the lynx. They were very fascinated about this. They also love wolves. We celebrated together while listening to the reggaeton music and enjoyed the beauty of nature and wildlife. It’s amazing. First I’m just a tourist, and then suddenly I’m in the middle of life. On another day, I sat on a dune where I had a conversation with a young man from London. We talked about the beauty of the island and our home countries. He also loves wild cats and wolves. He told me of a friend who has a husky, a dog breed which looks very much like a wolf. One evening, I walked through the dunes and along the beach. On a dune, there were two young women who looked kind of irritating to me. They constantly messed around with their smartphones and held the camera in the air while turning around 360° and shouting “WHHOOOOOHHH!”. They did this multiple times. This seemed to be a new trend, but yet again, I didn’t know anything about this because I’m too old for this shit. There also was an old local man sitting on the dune. He lives in Playa del Inglés and only spoke a few English words. As we had a conversation, I concentrated my little Spanish vocabulary, we mainly talked with sign language. The two girls finally walked away and he also wasn’t amazed by their fanatic smartphone craze. We talked a little bit about senseless trends and walked along the beach together, heading to the lighthouse. He told me something about the island and taught me some Spanish words. He also loves wild cats and wolves. As we said goodbye, he said “Muchas gracias!” and gave a thumb up to show me that he was happy to meet me. On the way to my apartment, I met a young man. Every year, he works in Gran Canaria for four months and for the rest of the year, he lives in Rome (Italy). He also loves wild cats and wolves. We talked about our lives and about nature (mainly about the wolves of Yellowstone). Wolves are cute and fluffy. Yes, I’m crazy. At a beach bar, I talked with the bar lady who loves wild cats and wolves. I used Google Translate to translate “Nature is sacred and needs to be protected.” and “Nature is truly a great artist. It’s a shame that only a few people appreciate this.” into Spanish and she agreed. Once again, I couldn’t stop spreading my hippie and eco propaganda. I talked with a Cuban who loves wild cats and wolves as well. Now I already have some supporters for my feline army to build the Reich. All HAIL to the reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx to Austria!
I was so curious to go on a bus trip around the island. The first stop was in Puerto de Mogán where I went through the old town and up to a panorama platform. It was a beautiful view down to the port and the rocky coast. The trip went on through the hinterland and to a town with the fantasy-like sounding name Agaete at the west coast of the island. We stopped at a restaurant at lunch time. I ate a fish soup and a seafood paella. There also where a German and a French sitting at the table. They also love wild cats and wolves. We talked about the majestic view of the west coast and our lives. After that, I walked around in Agaete watched the rocky coast before the trip went on to Las Palmas. I walked around in Las Palmas and was very fascinated by the beach Las Canteras with its black spots. Once again, my eyes swelled up. This town kind of has its own flair. Then it went on back to Maspalomas. During the bus ride, I talked with a German woman who already often spent her vacation on this island. She finds it very uplifting to walk through the dunes and was also fascinated by the nature of the island.
On another day, I took a bus ride through the middle of the island. I visited Teror, a town in the inland. In this town, there were Spanish soldiers who were praying in the church. On a panorama platform, I could watch the landscape and the Roque Nublo, it was breathtaking. I also could see a little bit of Tenerife with the Teide mountain (the highest mountain of Spain, 3718 meters) behind a veil. We stopped at a mountain inn where I ate rancho Canario (Canarian vegetable soup), Spanish tortillas and postre mousse de gofio (Canarian dessert). There were also an elderly Bavarian couple and an elderly Irish couple sitting at the table. We had a conversation and once again, I raved about the beauty of nature. I showed them some photos, such like the photo which I shot in the Plitvice National Park in Croatia where there is a hidden lynx on it. They where very amazed by nature’s masterpieces. The trip went on through Fataga and I could see an aloe vera farm. Once again, the landscape with its canyons and lots of palms made my eyes swell up.
Now let’s head for the neighboring island Tenerife. I wanted to conquer the town Santa Cruz. It was early in the morning and it was dark. A bus brought me to Agaete from where a ferry went to Tenerife. During the ride, the ferry swung to the left and to the right due to the waves of the sea so my stomach prickled, like I was on a roller coaster. I could hear people vomiting because they got seasick. The ride took two hours, then the ferry reached Tenerife and docked at the port of Santa Cruz. Once again, I was amazed by the majestic mountains behind the town and by the town itself. First I walked towards south to the auditorium of Santa Cruz, I was fascinated by its architecture. I took a little break and ate an ice cream (passion fruit and coconut Santacruzian style). In the front of the auditorium at the coast, there are rocks with portraits of famous people (such like Johan Strauss) painted on them. The weather was fine and completely cloudless. I preferred to stay in the northern part of the town because there weren’t as many cars driving around as in the south. I ate Spanish tards, I don’t know their names anymore, but they were delicious. At a bar, I ate a Serrano snack and drank a cappuccino. At the neighboring table, there were some elderly German people who spent their vacation in Tenerife. They were also fascinated by the island. There also was a young local woman who lives in Santa Cruz. She only was here for a short time because she had to go to work. I talked to her and so we had a nice conversation about our home countries. I told her that we have lynx, wolves and brown bears in Austria which she found interesting because she loves lynx, wolves and bears as well. It was a nice day in Santa Cruz, then the ferry took me back to Gran Canaria. During the ride, I met a young man from Saxony (Lausitz). We talked about our vacation and enjoyed the pensive atmosphere. The ferry headed straight to the “abyss” (horizon). He told me that there are wolves in the Lausitz area, but even if you walk around and actively search for wolves, you won’t see them. We were outraged by animal haters who speak out rants against cats and other animal species. We also were outraged by the Lügenpresse (fake news) which spreads fear and hatred against nature. Once again, damn you, Lügenpresse! During the bus ride from Agaete to Maspalomas, I saw lots of small houses and I thought about the everyday life of the local people here, so once again, there was a pensive atmosphere.
I did a trip to Las Palmas. First the trip went to the hinterland and up to the volcano crater Caldera de Bandama, and then it went on to a botanical garden where I could see some very beautiful endemic plants. After that, I took a little deeper look on Las Palmas. I walked through the alleys and along the beach promenade. Once again, I felt the special atmosphere of this city, it’s incredible. At a bar, I ate some Serrano ham and Canarian cheese. The people here are very lively and greeted each other with an impulsive temperament, I was very fascinated. At the neighbouring table, there were local women, one of them had two cute small dogs. As they left, one of the dogs gave me a kiss, and then we all laughed together. In the Santa Catalina Park, I found a statue of a woman with her four cats. You can’t imagine how delighted I was and once again, my eyes swelled up. First I photographed the whole piece of art, and then I photographed every single cat because they are so cute. Later I found out that this is a statue of a famous personality called Lolita Pluma who fed cats and was declared the “Queen of the Santa Catalina Park” in 1984. This statue is a symbol of freedom, muse of tourism and artists, and protector of animals. I ate an ice cream (mango and caramel) and took a short break by sitting down on a public seat. There was a young local man sitting next to me who lives in Las Palmas, so we had a conversation. I told him of my home country and its wildlife. He loves wolves as well. Wow, so many people who love wolves! So I’m not alone with my craziness. He loves wild cats as well, such like lynx. He was pretty amazed as I told him that I travelled to Gran Canaria alone.
On the last day of my vacation, I joined a hiking trip in the inland of the island. We walked along a hiking trail up the mountains and through a pinewood. The sky was completely cloudless and once again, the beauty of nature was breathtaking. I also could see Tenerife with the Teide. I took lots of photos. I also took photos of me standing in a natural landscape with the Teide in the background and a photo of me hugging a tree. I thought about creating a meme with a photo of nasty drunk party people and a photo of me hugging the tree right below the party people photo. The party people photo says “How normal people spend vacation” and the photo of me says “How freaks and tree huggers like me spend vacation”. If I upload such a meme on the Internet, I would probably get scorn and ridicule and make people angry. An apocalyptical shitstorm would break out. Maybe even the Third World War would start. Ok, let’s stop the wondering, I just enjoyed the landscape and my eyes swelled up. The trip went up to a masterpiece of Mother Nature: the Roque Nublo. I can’t describe how amazing the view was up there. During the hike, I also could see a rock formation which looked like Donkey Kong holding a beer and some other funny rock formations.
On the next day, I walked around in Maspalomas and was thinking about my vacation. During the walk, I suddenly saw a Gran Canaria giant lizard on the other side of the road. This lizard species is only native to Gran Canaria, ergo endemic. I quickly grabbed my camera and was lucky to take some photos of it, even though the lizard was moving very fast. Lizards are one of my favorite animals, I find them very cute. People could call me a lizard hugger. I watched the photos and was happy about my “trophy”. Once again, I had an idea for a meme with a photo of a trophy hunter posing next to a dead lion and a photo of me posing next to the lizard photo poster on my wall. The lion trophy hunter photo says “How normal people do trophy hunting” and the photo of me says “How dreamers and eco pussies like me do trophy hunting”. Some self-proclaimed crusaders would probably go after me with pitchforks and fire torches. Maybe even Donald Trump himself would appear and scream at me with phrases like “Holy Double Whopper, what the fucking fuck are you fucking fuck fucking doing?”.
Then I was thinking about an incident in South Africa where a poacher got trampled by an elephant and mauled by lions. He wanted to hunt rhinos to sell their horns to the Chinese. But science has proven that the horn of rhinos, tiger penis soup and stuff like that is totally useless and doesn’t have any effects. This “medicine” makes me so utterly angry and needs to get eliminated. Screw the Chinese medicine! WAAAHH!!! GET RID OF THIS FUCKING SHIT WHORE FILTH!!! There are “traditions” which need to get eliminated (such like the “tradition” of the bull fight, btw, bull fights are banned on the Canary Islands). I was surprised how many people were happy about the poacher’s death. There are lots of newspaper articles of this incident. In the comment sections, there were mainly people who made fun of the poacher’s death and were happy about it. Comments like “You eco pussies, tree huggers and city folks have no clue about life. Unlike us manly, straight and smart countryside people, only we know everything.” were very rare. Btw, I’m a countryside person. Well, I don’t think that the village St. Jakob in Haus (where I was born and raised) counts as a city. I also was happy about his death. I know we shouldn’t make fun about the death of people, but that sub-human scum of poachers totally deserves it. I would personally throw the parasite filth into the oven, make a video of it and upload it on the Internet, titled “In your face, nature haters!”. If we destroy nature, nature will destroy us.
A bus then brought me to the airport, where I had a conversation with an older woman who hates predators. She said that all wolves should be shot. I told her that snow leopards and tigers are close to extinction and that it’s a shame, then she said “Well, get rid of them!”. She also didn’t have a passion for sharks. Another older woman joined the conversation and ranted against foxes and other wild animals. I did what I can do best: spread hippie propaganda! I spoke the usual phrases like “The world belongs to all creatures, not only humans.”, “The animals were there before us, who are we to decide which species can live and which cannot?” and “Humanity destroys the earth, but the other animal species are labeled as evil.”. I also told them that I find sharks and snakes very beautiful and that they are very important to the eco system. Then they looked at me incredulously. They also looked puzzled. A man sitting next to me agreed with me, so I wasn’t alone with my statement. Well, I made my point and hopefully made the world a little bit better. I’m not that so-called “brave, straight, righteous and conservative citizen” who gets drunk every weekend, listens to mainstream hit music, screams populist rants, worships status symbols (such like fast cars or the newest smartphones), reads the Kronen Zeitung (an Austrian populist boulevard newspaper) and goes to Church. I’m more of an unworldly do-gooder and hopeless hippie floating through his rainbow dream world on pink clouds and watching out for cute unicorns. After that conversation, I went on to the gate to fly back to Munich (but not on pink clouds, even though I’m sure that would have been very beautiful). During the plane ride, there was this pensive atmosphere again. I was thinking about the two wildlife-hating women at the airport. And then people wonder why this world is going down to drain. Well, I hope that at least they will remember my words. After 3 hours and 52 minutes, I landed at Munich airport from where the transfer brought me back to Fieberbrunn. I finally returned home.
I experienced a lot of things during my two weeks vacation. I entered new terrain, tasted new food (I know that it almost sounds like a sacrilege, but I didn’t eat any schnitzel, döner or McDonald’s food during the two weeks) and met new people. And, well, I made the world a better place. Or not. Haha! I definitely had a lot of fun and the atmosphere was typical vacation-like and sunny, but sometimes also pensive. And, yeah, my eyes swelled up. The weather also was always sunny, at least at the south coast because the mountains protect the coast from the northeast trade wind. Only in the north, the weather was sometimes cloudy due to the northeast trade wind. In my home country, the weather was mostly rainy and sometimes snowy, so I escaped the bad weather. I was sitting at the sea with sunny weather. Meanwhile in my home country, the weather was rainy, snowy and cold. I’m just not a winter person, even though I’m from Tyrol. Some people would see this as a mortal sin because I already found comments like “A real Austrian has to spend vacation in the snowy mountains and not in hot countries!”. I also didn’t need Kronen Zeitung or BILD (a German boulevard newspaper) which I also don’t read at home. Yes, I’ve never bought a Kronen Zeitung newspaper. Oh no, I see enraged citizens rioting and lighting the stake. They want to burn that evil heretic who dares to question the infallibility of the holy Kronen Zeitung. This text is also filled with idealist mindset and will probably polarize because it contains parts which some people may find disturbing (especially because I use words like “sub-humans”). But this is necessary to give people a wake up call. I’m just not an “I lay my love on you” radio pop lyric person who only produced that conform and standardized radio crap. I sometimes have to be rough and honest to speak out my opinion, even though some narrow-minded backwoodsmen get red faces and would like to sic entire secret agencies on me. But this is rather unlikely. Which kind of weird planes are flying over me? And why is there a guy with a giant antenna walking around? And who’s knocking on my door? I’m opening the door… and once again, I get big googly eyes.
See, the occident still exists. People should open their mind and not bash on everything which they see as “not normal”. Start to think for yourselves. I still hope that overall, you liked this text and that it enriched you and that I will do more journeys to experience more diversity. Diversity 4 life!
May the pink clouds show us the way.
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