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Pietersen is a South African by origin but shifted to England in 2000 to show his protest against racial quota system in South Africa and initially played there for Cancock CC in Birmingham. He had a dream Test debut in Ashes series against Australia in 2005, where his aggressive batting performance helped England reclaim the Ashes after 1986. Relationships. Kevin Pietersen has been in relationships with Caprice Bourret (2005) and Natalie Pinkham (2005).. About. Kevin Pietersen is a 39 year old British Cricketer. Born Kevin Peter Pietersen on 27th June, 1980 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa, he is famous for England,Surrey,DelhiDaredevils. England cricketer Kevin Pietersen created a winter wonderland in a tiny 13th Century village church to marry his pop-singer girlfriend yesterday Kevin Pietersen in an Instagram post Ahead of the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL), former England captain Kevin Pietersen opened up on how the Twenty-20 cricket extravaganza will be different ... See all Kevin Pietersen's marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Kevin Pietersen news, gossip, and biography. Kevin Pietersen is currently married to Jessica Taylor. He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 6.3 years each. His one marriage has lasted 12.6 years so far. Kevin Pietersen emerged as a hero of his adopted nation after scoring a maiden Test century which guided England to an historic Ashes victory and sparked party celebrations at The Oval and beyond ... Pietersen's wife Jessica found fame in noughties pop group Liberty X and the stunning couple first started dating back in January 2006. The couple wed after a whirlwind romance in December 2007 ... Kevin Peter Pietersen MBE is a South African-born English cricketer. He is a right-handed batsman and occasional off spin bowler who formerly played for England and currently plays for Surrey as well as Twenty20, in the Caribbean Premier League for St Lucia Zouks and in the Big Bash League for Melbourne Stars. Kevin Pieterson suspended from Twitter after saying he'd slap Piers Morgan Earlier in the day Kevin's Twitter account had been locked – apparently for violating Twitter ’s rules against abuse ... Kevin Pietersen was sceptical when the filmmakers who were trying to capture his world suggested that he be miked up throughout a match in Trinidad, captaining St Lucia in the Caribbean Twenty20 ...

Moeen vs Leach vs Bess explored

2020.06.22 16:28 SpicyPitch Moeen vs Leach vs Bess explored

Prior to every summer in living memory, large selection dilemmas have been on the minds and lips of every England test cricket pundit and fan alike, with never a fully settled England lineup. There's a varying number of selection headaches, but often a key issue takes the brunt of the headlines. For example in the famous 2005 ashes, whilst the Geraint Jones vs Chris Read was an ever ongoing decision, the key decision was that there was only sufficient room for two of Graham Thorpe, Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen in the middle order of the test side. Last summer, although everybody had an opinion on order in which Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler and Jonny Bairstow should come out at 30/3, the top order was a much larger bone of contention. The England selection panel decided that Jason Roy was a suitable opener in English conditions against a great Australian attack, and we all know how that worked out. Hence, another summer has arrived and there are two key positions up for grabs; question marks arise over who England will be playing at first drop and, more importantly, who will be the spinner. Hopefully by the end of this post you and I will have a greater understanding as to the merits and demerits of every obvious option. Then again, it won't really make a difference to the selection, so who cares?

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results

Left or right arm

In order to start of as general as we possible can, the primary key distinction between two of the bowlers and the other is that Jack Leach is a left-arm orthodox spin bowler whilst Ali and Bess are right-arm off-break bowlers. Since 1877 every wicket taken by a left arm spin bowler has come at an average of 33.62 runs and 80.0 balls at an economy of 2.51. Right arm spin bowlers average 34.56 runs and take a wicket every 76.8 balls at an economy of 2.69. For England, this would suggest that left arm spin is more suitable, as a lower economy and average is more important than strike rate as spin is not England's primary wicket taking option, thus being able to not concede many runs is more important than the taking of wickets. Left arm spin bowlers need 4.2% more balls to take a wicket, however have a historical average 2.7% lower and are 6.7% cheaper. This pattern holds when you look at only the past 10 years with right arm having a lower strike rate but left arm winning out in both average and economy. Left arm spin does even better when you only look at test matches in England, left arm wins out over right arm in strike rate, average, and economy.
Therefore, looking only at the general case that left arm spin bowlers have historically and recently performed in a way more suitable for England's test match spin bowling aims, Jack Leach as the only obvious left-arm spin bowling option would be a more suitable choice as England's spinner. However, a difference may arise when we start looking at the specific bowlers in question.

Macro-statistical comparison of test matches

Before we delve into some real nitty gritty, looking solely at test matches in which the three examined bowlers have played in, Leach and Bess have a more favourable bowling overview than Moeen. His bowling average is 23% higher than the next best Bess, while his economy is 27% higher than the next best Leach. Although he has the strongest strike rate of the three, it is only 0.04% better than Jack Leach. It is however worth noting that Moeen has played a lot more test matches thus he has played against a more wider selection of batting lineups and bowling conditions, and his statistics go back to 2015, where he may have since developed as a bowler. A more appropriate time period to look at when comparing the three bowlers, is from the start of Jack Leach's debut series in New Zealand. Although this is a completely arbitrary date to consider, this was selected because it's a time period spanning the entire England test careers of Jack Leach and Dom Bess, and the England results in the series are fairly standard between the three bowlers: Ali was in a lost series in New Zealand, then a won series vs India, then a won series vs Sri Lanka, then a lost series vs West Indies, then a won test match vs Ireland, then a lost test match vs Australia; Leach was in a lost series in New Zealand, then a won series vs Sri Lanka, then a won test match vs Ireland, then a drawn series vs Australia, then a lost series vs New Zealand; and Bess was in a drawn series vs Pakistan and a won series in South Africa. Although Bess hasn't been in a lost series, this is more than made up for by the fact he wasn't in the Sri Lanka series where Leach and Ali had disproportionately decent statistics. Here, the stats a significantly more generous towards Moeen, his bowling average a whole 8.6% lower than next best Jack Leach, who has an average very similar to Bess, and a strike rate a whole 27% lower than the next best Jack Leach. However his economy of 3.56 is a whole 24.9% higher than the next worse Jack Leach, and 57.5% higher than Dom Bess. It is once more important to stress that Dom Bess played no part in the 3-0 whitewash of Sri Lanka and would doubtlessly had a lower average and higher strike rate if he played in that series due to the especially spin friendly nature of conditions. In order to standardise for the differential in conditions and competency of batting lineups, an effective way to compare the statistics of the bowlers is by comparing them against all of the spin bowling bowled by England in the test matches they played in, in our considered time period since March 2018. Here is a table of this:
/ Bowling Average Economy Rate Strike Rate
Moeen Ali 13.0% better 4.1% worse 19.5% better
Dom Bess 0.1% better 3.4% better 3.6% worse
Jack Leach 2.1% worse 8.7% better 11.7% worse
An example of what this data shows that although Jack Leach has a nominally lower bowling average than Dom Bess, Dom's relative bowling average is better because he's had a marginally lower bowling average than all of the spin overs bowled by England in the matches he has been involved in. On the other hand, Jack Leach's economy rate in the matches he's been involved in is significantly better than the average for all spin overs bowled (8.7%) than for Dom Bess (only 3.4%). Although this is a good way of standardising the relative strength of opposition batting lineups, part time spinners have a disproportionate effect on the data for Dom Bess, who has appeared only as the only frontline spinner for England, than Moeen and Leach who have appeared in lineups of more spinners. A way to reduce this effect and to focus more on the differential in conditions rather than batting lineup is by comparing them with all spin overs bowled in the matches they've been involved in, rather than just ones bowled by England. Below is the table for this:
/ Bowling Average Economy Rate Strike Rate
Moeen Ali 12.9% better 6.3% worse 18.2% better
Dom Bess 22.0% better 17.8% better 4.7% better
Jack Leach 9.7% better 11.2% better 1.5% worse
This data yet again sheds a different light on the data, with Dom Bess having a substantially stronger bowling average than the rest of the spin bowlers in the match he's played in. In fact, Dom Bess did substantially better than the rest of the spin bowlers for every key statistic. A significant difference between the two tables for Dom Bess shows that England generally handled spin better than South Africa did in the most recent winter tour, as that's where the vast majority of his overs have been bowled for England. What can be drawn is that no matter how you look at it, Ali has a stronger strike rate and weaker economy than his competitors, and Bess has a stronger economy rate.
Another important consideration that is also of some relevance is the relative performance of the three players with the bat. Since New Zealand in 2018, in matches involving Moeen he has scored 5.87% of England's runs. For matches involving Bess he has scored 6.05% of England's runs and the corresponding statistic for Jack Leach is 4.21%. Although Moeen is historically considered to be a bowling all-rounder, recent form suggests that Dom Bess has relatively contributed more with the bat, with Ali's contribution only being marginally stronger than Jack Leach's.
Overall, in recent history, each of the bowlers take wickets at a similar number of runs relative to other spin options in games they've played, with Moeen particularly excelling among the England spinners he's played with. Ali has a very strong strike rate among both the spinners he's played with and all the spinners he's played in the same game as, with Bess and Leach performing worse in that regard. However, he is the only option with a worse economy rate than the spinners he plays with and against, something that Bess and Leach particularly excel in. With regards to batting, they have all offered a similar contribution to the team's total runs in recent history, all of them bat a bit.

Moeen vs Leach

It is tough to compare players when they all play different matches, especially with the small nature of the sample sizes involved. Directly comparing players in the same game offers a lot stronger a comparison of two players. Moeen and Leach have played together 4 times in their England career, 3 times in a whitewash against Sri Lanka, and once against Ireland at Lords. In these matches, Leach clearly performed better than Moeen, with an average 4.6% better and an economy rate 20.3% lower albeit at a strike rate 19.8% higher resulting in Moeen's 19 wickets came in 17.2 overs fewer than Jack Leach's 18. This, more or less, reinforces everything else we know about these bowlers. It is also worth considering that Leach is 4 years younger than Mo.

Leach vs Bess

Comparing Leach and Bess is a lot easier as they have played a hatful of matches together or separately at first class level for Somerset. As a result, we can compare their first class records. Jack Leach's first class bowling average is 10.6% lower than Dom Bess', his economy is 8.5% lower and his strike rate is 2.4% lower. This means that Leach has a better overall first class record. Last season's County Championship makes for similar viewing. Leach's average was 33.1% lower than Bess', his economy is 5.2% lower and his strike rate was 29.4% better than Bess'. Bess does, however, clearly offer more with the bat at first class level as his first class average is 83% higher than Jack Leach's. From this, it is clear that Leach has a significantly better overall first class bowling record and Bess makes up for it slightly with the bat. Dom Bess is however 7 years younger than Jack, which makes him a more viable future option, although using him as England's primary spin bowler, could mean that he is already discounted from England contention before he is able to reach his peak.


England's best spin bowling option is probably Jack Leach, with Dom Bess being a definite choice for the future. For Moeen to be a viable spin bowler at test level for England he either needs to reduce his economy rate substantially, or have a significant return to batting form.
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2020.05.10 20:17 shamsimam Best ODI Batsmen based on Average ICC Ratings

ICC ratings takes opposition quality, e.g. bowlers strength, pitch conditions, etc., into account. These parameters are judged only from data available in a scorecard. A higher average value represents a batsman who performed better than a batsman with a lower average value over their entire career (to-date for current players).
Average ICC ratings of batsman over their entire career (to-date for current players): (a) minimum of 75 matches played and (b) ratings from first 20 matches dropped is reported. Dropping the first few matches avoids bias: (a) first few matches receive only partial points in the ratings and (b) players who have great or poor starts to their careers do not get advantage.
Bowlers chart is here.
Rank Name Matches Average Rating Maximum Rating
1 Viv Richards 187 890.44 935
2 Dean Jones 164 828.47 918
3 Michael Bevan 232 822.96 885
4 Virat Kohli 249 821.95 911
5 Allan Lamb 122 821.20 897
6 Hashim Amla 181 801.06 901
7 Gordon Greenidge 128 800.45 895
8 AB de Villiers 228 785.32 902
9 Desmond Haynes 238 784.46 900
10 Javed Miandad 233 762.15 910
11 David Gower 114 758.51 919
12 Brian Lara 299 756.76 908
13 Sachin Tendulkar 463 756.67 887
14 Mike Hussey 185 756.04 857
15 Geoff Marsh 117 753.01 819
16 Quinton de Kock 121 752.63 813
17 Graham Gooch 125 751.85 863
18 Mark Waugh 244 750.22 852
19 Hansie Cronje 188 745.24 833
20 MS Dhoni 350 742.53 836
21 Clive Lloyd 87 737.28 805
22 Shikhar Dhawan 137 736.15 813
23 Gary Kirsten 185 736.04 900
24 Ricky Ponting 375 735.33 829
25 Adam Gilchrist 287 733.27 820
26 Graeme Hick 120 730.93 815
27 George Bailey 90 730.37 867
28 David Boon 181 728.20 835
29 Joe Root 146 726.13 824
30 Jacques Kallis 328 718.40 817
31 Martin Crowe 143 718.27 818
32 Marcus Trescothick 123 716.76 797
33 Andrew Jones 87 715.45 812
34 Kane Williamson 150 710.88 799
35 Nick Knight 100 701.35 761
36 Saeed Anwar 247 698.05 808
37 Mohammad Yousuf 288 695.66 777
38 Mohammad Azharuddin 334 695.11 811
39 Sourav Ganguly 311 693.11 844
40 Matthew Hayden 161 692.91 850
41 Graeme Smith 197 691.63 784
42 David Warner 122 689.22 880
43 Allan Border 273 687.57 794
44 Kumar Sangakkara 404 685.08 861
45 Shai Hope 79 684.49 808
46 Michael Clarke 245 683.23 750
47 Kevin Pietersen 136 682.47 833
48 Inzamam-ul-Haq 378 681.51 801
49 Arjuna Ranatunga 269 681.37 789
50 Aravinda de Silva 308 679.60 862

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2019.12.22 04:45 okaywhat22 Highest Averages of some players in ODIs

Here are the highest averages some of our favourite players have reached in their ODI Careers, along with their stats at that time
min. 50 matches played and 2000 runs scored at the time
Player Matches Runs Average 50s 100s Date achieved
Virat Kohli 239 11520 60.31 54 43 14th August 2019
AB de Villiers 200 8621 54.56 48 24 14th February 2016
Sachin Tendulkar 324 12878 45.34 66 36 18th January 2004
Rohit Sharma 214 8657 49.18 42 27 6th July 2019
Babar Azam 73 3328 54.55 15 11 30th September 2019
Ricky Ponting 288 10835 44.40 63 25 20th December 2007
Viv Richards 109 4600 57.50 34 8 31st March 1986
Mike Hussey 82 2019 57.68 12 2 24th February 2008
MS Dhoni 242 7999 53.32 54 9 28th January 2014
Hashim Amla 62 3216 59.55 19 10 5th September 2012
Michael Bevan 101 3405 63.05 24 3 18th April 1999
Kevin Pietersen 51 2026 56.27 14 5 21st April 2007
Kumar Sangakkara 404 14234 41.98 93 25 18th March 2015
Mahela Jayawardane 253 7112 33.86 41 10 10th June 2007
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2014.02.07 02:54 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Bryan Robson here. I’m a former footballer for Manchester United, England’s national team. Ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-02-06
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Questions Answers
Hi Bryan, huge fan of yours! I have a couple of questions and I hope you have time enough to answer them! How does it feel being the longest serving captain in Manchester Uniteds history? In your 13-year long career as Manchester United player, which match do you remember the most? What's your thoughts on David Moyes and Manchester Uniteds recent form? Thank you for doing this AMA Bryan! 1) Really proud to be a Manchester United player, it was fantastic! To stay with the club for 13 years and captain for 12 years is the probably the most satisfying things in my life. 2) Barcelona in the 1984 Cup Winners Cup quarter final at Old Trafford, where we won 3 - 0. 3) The form isn’t as good as we would have hoped for at the moment but i am sure that David Moyes will do a terrific job at Manchester United… It will take time.
Bryan, how far do you see England going in the World Cup? And what would be your starting XI if you were manager? 1) i believe we will be fortunate to get through the group stages.
What was your most memorable moment as a Manchester United player? What was your hardest challenge as a manager? 1) Winning the premiership 92/ 93 season and it was the first time we won the championship in 26 years!! and 2) Signing new players for the type of club I was manager of…. It was difficult to get the standard of player you would have liked.
Hey Bryan, Seeing as how United is going through a rough patch right now since David Moyes took over, how different is it than the time when Ferguson took over? Whose the best player you've ever played alongside and against? 1) It is different now because the infrastructure of the club is amazing, which Alex helped to build.
Mr. Robson, who is the toughest player that you have ever played against? Jimmy Case when he played for Liverpool he was a very tough player as well as being a good player.
What are some things that go on behind the scenes, or under the pitch, that most people don't know about? What's your favorite part about having played for one of the best soccer teams in the world? 1) Sometimes because players are very passionate …. Fights! 2) My favorite part is the respect i have from Manchester United fans around the world that is really pleasing that you get such a great reception everywhere i go and also how well they have always treated my family as well.
With Beckham today stating news about the MLS team in Miami, what do you see as the future of MLS how do you think it will grow, and do you think outsiders will see it as a serious league? Who was a player you wish you could of played alongside but never got the opportunity to do so? 2) Wooo that is a difficult one! Probably Steven Gerrard i really admire him as a player i would have liked to play in midfield beside him.
Thanks for the AMA and I hope all your health problems have now cleared up! As someone who has experience in sporting management, what do you think of the way England's cricket team have handled Kevin Pietersen? Were there any talented players you have played with that were too disruptive to the team? What was it like managing against Sir Alex Ferguson? Was it difficult to view someone who had been your manager for so long as an equal? Do you think United will make the top 4? 2)No it wasn’t difficult because no matter what club you are manager of you want to do the best job you can do for that club and because you had great times at Manchester United it was even more satisfying if you could actually beat them!. 3) Yes i do believe if we can stay injury free we can make the 7 points up that Liverpool have on us at the moment.
What's the best team that you've played against internationally? National teams and clubs.. Best team was in 1982 the Brazilian National Team … with players like Zico, Socratese were great players and a great team.
Hi Mr.Robson as a supporter that did not get to see you play or be captain for united i would just like to thank you for serving the club. If you could start your whole career again what would you do difrently? that includes managing If i was starting my career again i would start at Manchester United and not West Bromwich Albion even though West Brom gave me a great start to my career.
Thank you so much for this AMA! Even though I am a Chelsea fan your achievements are still amazing. Could you speak to the challenges, and advantages, of being in a playemanager position like you were at Middlesbrough? I was very fortunate that the chairman at Middlesborough was very supportive. He helped me greatly in signing some very good players, which gave me a great opportunity to be successful with a club like Middlesborough.
Players today seem... softer. Agree? Disagree? Why and what can be done about this. Agree…. They need to toughen up!
What do you think of United's season so far? As all Manchester United fans realise it has been disappointing so far this season after all the success we have had over recent times but i still believe we can have a great run in the Champions League competition.
Who, in your opinion, was the best player you ever played with or against? Similarly, who do you think is the best player you've ever managed, both in terms of skill and how easy they were to work with? Juninho who i signed from Sao Paulo was a great player and a really nice lad to work with.
Mr. Robson, how do you feel about comparisons between Januzaj and Giggs? And do you think we will be able to hold on to players of his calibre if we fail to make top 4? Januzaj still has a long way to go to match up with someone like Ryan Giggs but he is a great talent.
How do I improve my vision and first touch in the game? Come back as me….
Why are you here in LA? We are on the USA leg of the United Trophy Tour with DHL, LA being the first stop. Sorry for bringing the Manchester weather with me..
Whats the strangest way you've been injured in game? Strangest one was when i dislocated my shoulder and slipped on ice, gambled over the boardings
Messi or Ronaldo? I think it is a real difficult choice to separate both players.. because i think they are both fantastic but if you are really asking me……. I would have to go with Ronaldo because of my Manchester United connections and he was a really nice guy, he was great to talk too.
Hello Mr. Robson, who's your favorite player from current squad? (excluding Ryan Giggs) Wayne Rooney.
Did you ever have an opponent that surprised you by performing way undeover your expectation? Who was it and under what circumstances? In 1984 Bournemouth knocked us out of the FA Cup beat us 0-2, which was a complete shock as we were FA Cup holders.
What would you do to help grow the popularity of the sport in the US among young people? I think the US for 30 years have been developing football especially at grassroots and i think they have improved enormously since i signed with New Balance a US company in 1982..
What has more pride and is more important, playing for club or country? For me exactly the same, it was unbelievable playing for your country playing for club like Manchester United was just as important.
American here. What do you think about the rising popularity of football (or, to us, soccer) in America? MLS is growing here! As a football person i love to see football improving in any country throughout the world because it gave me a great living… and it is great to see a country the size of the USA competing in the World Cup in the last few competitions.
During your time at Man Utd, what has been a player you have seen train where you were Awe struck? Giggsy again, he is the best player i have seen as a 16 year old.
Does the roar of the crowd help you play better, or does it intimidate you? The atmosphere of the fans motivates you as a player and that is why it is great to play at a top club.
Were there any unique challenges to managing a national side like Thailand, which isn't really known for its footballing tradition? The unique challenge is you are used to playing alongside and managing players from Europe and around the world and Thai players were a little bit naive to defend and not as strong as the players you are used to be playing with in Europe.
I am interested in sending a parcel to Hong Kong from London. Who would you recommend I use as the carrier? 3 letters DHL.
And i hope it is a nice present…
Last updated: 2014-02-10 20:01 UTC
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2013.07.13 11:18 pranavrc Hey /r/Cricket. I made us a bot. Meet /u/howstat!

PSA: howstat's now here on /Cricket! And it's off /howstat for a while.
Update: Added filter variants. Like both test and tests work now, for instance. in and venue do, too. Check it out below.
Update 2: Ranges in years. Scroll down to the filters.
I felt that being able to whip up stats in-thread during match discussions would be very dandy. You know, kinda like a bot that can do all the Cricinfo-statistics-filtering legwork for you.
I'm currently testing the bot here and here. If you have feedback/feature requests or wanna help with testing (summoning the bot in a thread in /howstat), that would be as cool as a...gar.
Summoning the bot:
The bot responds when you call it with its name in a new line. The format of a request is this way:
  1. Case does not matter. odIS is the same as ODIs.
  2. Please use the exact names for the filter values. T20Is works, T20 doesn't. Australia works, Aus doesn't.
  3. Ditto filters. at works, place doesn't. format odis works, in odis doesn't. in India works, at India doesn't.
  4. The request must be on a line of its own, a new line. The line must start with 'howstat'.
  5. The player's name must immediately follow the bot's name. Filters must follow the player's name, and can be in any order.
  6. You can make no more than 3 requests in one comment. That should mean three different lines starting with 'howstat'.
  7. Edits do NOT work. The bot does not revisit a comment that it has already dealt with.
  8. Unless you specify a format, 'Overall' and 'Unfiltered' always indicate overall statistics in all formats combined.
  9. As of now, the bot does not recognize players from the pre-ODI era. And sadly, yeah, that includes the Don too.
Filters added so far:
in or venue - Venue Nation (See supported values below)
at - Home/Away/Neutral
format - Tests/Test/ODIs/ODI/T20Is/T20I/T20/All
vs or against - Opposition team
year - yeayear range. Ranges can be of the form 'dd mmm yyyy-dd mmm yyyy' or 'mmm yyyy-mmm yyyy' or 'yyyy-yyyy'. The month and date are optional on either side. Please use just the first three letters for months. '13 Jan 2012-2013' is fine, '13 January 2012' won't work.
Supported Teams and Venues:
Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Bermuda, England, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe
Things that work:
howstat lou vincent, at home, vs australia, year 2005, format odis howstat lou vincent, at home, vs australia, year 25 aug 2004-3 jun 2005, format odis howstat lou vincent, in australia, vs australia howstat lou vincent, year 2004-dec 2005 howstat andy flower, at away, format tests, year may 2000-jul 2001 howstat andy flower, year 2000-2001 howstat andy flower,at away,format tests howstat andy flower
Things that don't work (as of now):
howstat lou vincent at home vs australia year 2005 format odis howstat lou vincent, at australia, vs australia howstat lou vincent, year jan 2001 howstat lou vincent, in australia, against australia howstat kevin pietersen, at home, in south africa howstat don bradman - see why howstat i love you howstat fuck yourself (Feature request?)
Some bla:
The bot should respond within 1-2 minutes of a summon if everything goes well, or 61-121 seconds if nothing does.
I'm still working on the code, so there's a fair bit more to come, and there might be some sneaky little bugs here and there.
Some more bla:
Oh, and one more thing - since the bot's is a new account with very little karma (0 karma, to be exact), it cannot post in a subreddit more than once in 10 minutes unless it's been added as an approved submitter.
So the bot is NOT active in /cricket right now, only in /howstat. Mods pl0x pl0x?
BAWWWWT howstat BAWWWWT /howstat
Thanks ya moighty foine folks, pranavrc
Oh, and if anyone from ESPN and/or Cricinfo is listening, API PLEASE!
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Kevin Pietersen shows off amazing chair made out of every ...